About Zezzle

Here's some info about this site.

This site is a collection of loosely related content that has something to do with chess. Much of the material is related to FICS.

This site is collaborative and has content from many people. Ideas about at the site are welcomed - email theblob@zezzle.com. The Blob set up some of the infrastructure for the site and is also the webmaster for it. You can also contact The Blob by sending him a message at FICS, the Free Internet Chess Server - user name “theblob”.

There will be some blogs, managed by the WordPress blog system. You can have your own blog here. The blog should be in some way related to chess or to internet chess servers. Contact the blob (see above) if you'd like your own blog.

If you would like your own area to be set up for your stuff, let The Blob know (theblob@zezzle.com). You can use this area to develop Zezzle content that will later be made accessible from the main area of the site.

The requirement for having your own stuff or blog is that you have a plan for at least one thing that you are going to put in your area. Swearing is okay, but don't do anything slanderous or anything that would get the site or people at the site in trouble. I try very hard not to be heavy-handed, but I reserve the right to remove anyone's stuff or blog. I will not edit anyone's stuff or blog except in extreme circumstances (maybe never) or possibly by request.

With stuff and blogs, please try to stick to standard-compliant HTML. Also, please don't use fixed width layouts - that is, please do express sizes and locations with things like "small" and "large" and not with things like "7 pixels". The currently used WordPress styles use the latter, and it'd be nice to change that.

People can identify themselves on Zezzle by their chess server names and so possibly remain somewhat anonymous, or they can use their real names; it's up to them. If you have your own stuff, try not to use "too much" disk space. The site has a limited amount of disk space. It's fine for one person to use 10 megabytes for their stuff; if they get up around 100 megabytes then that is starting to be something to think about.

It might be nice to have some forums here. If we use the WordPress forums we'd get the same style as the rest of the site. I am not sure if the WordPress forums are available for public use.

An email address can also be set up for you at Zezzle if you have stuff or a blog and are well enough known that it appears that the email won't be abused. Your email won't be stored at Zezzle; it'll be forwarded to an address at another domain for you.

Want to help? Here are some things you could do:

I think it'd be cool to have a blog owned by a pseudo-user, say "events". Each blog entry could be a quote or some interesting event that occurred. The blog could be read like any other blog at the site, but the blog would also have a special feature: a random entry from this blog is displayed on the site's main page. Example blog entries: "MataLeo says: AAa kiss my ass fuck heak", "pdeck check mated", "It is not enough to respect your opponent; you must hate your opponent. -- Garry Kasparov.", stories about players crying because their opponent would not move for 24 hours. [Can you think of a better name for this pseudo-user than "events"? The name "events" seems too generic. The name "quotes" doesn't seem quite right either, since the blog will contain some things that aren't quotes.]

My opinion is that we should probably keep the site non-commercial, so as to keep it fun. That is, we don't try to make money by selling ads or anything like that.

What do you think? For now, email to theblob@zezzle.com or message theblob at on FICS, the Free Internet Chess Server. Eventually we may have forums here.

- The Blob