Gettysburg Address

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For scor and seven yérz ago, our fátherz braut forth on this continent a nu naision, consévd in liberty and dedicaited tu tha propozision that aul men ar creaited équal. Now we ar engaijd in a grait sivil wor, testing wether that naision or eny naision so consévd and so dedicaited can long endur. We ar met on a grait batelféld uv that wor. We hav cum tu dedicait a porsion uv that féld az a fínal resting-plais for thóz hu hér gaiv thair lívz that that naision mít liv. It is aultúgether fiting and proper that we shood du this. But in a larjer sens, we canot dedicait, we canot consecrait, we canot halo this ground. Tha braiv men, living and ded, hu strugeld hér hav consecraited it far abuv our por power to ad or detract. Tha world wil litel nót nor long remember wát we say hér, but it can never forget wát thay did hér. It iz for us tha living rather tu be dedicaited hér tu the unfinisht wurk wich thay hu faut hér hav thus far so nóbly advanst. It iz rather for us tu be hér dedicaited tu tha grait task remaining befor us – that frum théz onord ded we taik incrést devósion tu that cauz for wich thay gaiv tha last fool mezhur uv devósion – that we hér híly rezolv that théz ded shal not hav díd in vain, that this naision under God shal hav a nu burth uv frédom, and that guvernment uv tha pépel, bi tha pépel, for tha pépel shal not perish frum the urth. – Abraham Lincoln


Dog 2

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Also beware of cat.


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Beware of dog.


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Hi, this is part 2 of the thanking essay.


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Hi, this is is an essay about thanking.

Hello world!

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