Over the Board Lightning Tricks, by talpa and bozky, 1998

Obliviax, President Lightning Club of Virginia Tech,  gave the following "typical line" for OTB Lightning:
45. Qg4+ Bd3+ 46. QxK BxK 47. QxR BxP and resigns.

In OTB Lightning you can trick your opponent easier, but it should be kept in mind that the risk involved for being caught is also much, much higher. If you are not afraid of being knocked to the ground, or if you happen to like that, you can try some of the following tricks.

"1. Pe4e5 (that edge between squares). And later on you can try things like c2&d2 -> c3&d3 (one move).
If he calls you on it, just argue it over the next 3 moves 'til its forgotten b/c of the next illegal move." -- Obliviax.

A practical example of this idea might be:
1.e4  e5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.Bb5 a6
4.Ba4 Nf6
5.0-0 and the Rook which you have put on e1 might save a very useful tempo later on.

In general there is only one rule to 1 0 OTB: he who has done most push-ups will almost certainly win. To be honest, I think that 2 minute chess is a better way of combining chess and skills over the board.

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