Finger Notes Up DATED!! 15 July 2009.

lou13ss: how do i get into ur finger notes?
lou13ss: i'm a douschebag too

[me]: I always help out by identifying the transposition possibilities. (Always wrong of course)
JFernandez(*): This is why I love you so much.

mudelsee(FM): How are you, master?
[me]: I'm well, thank you! I hope you are well too.
mudelsee(FM): Your website is funny.

mrscribner: 1 more for me ok - I hate losing

CDay: you disgust me
CDay: ive been dealing with this shit from you chan 10 morons for years
CDay: perhaps i need years of psychotherapy

[Yeah I'd say so.]

wills: u da dude eh ? K

Rookmagier: great collection of insults. sad as well.

JFernandez: WTF. The whole fucking world just came to an end

TunoNegro: no gracias, no sabes jugar, solo vas a por el tiempo
translation by iGoogle: no thanks, you don't know how to play, you only play for time
Crafty analysis of final position: -0.17 (14 ply), in other words, a dead draw.

HOBOCHESS: holy shit you're a good multitasker

Forgetit: poor runner
Forgetit: loosing all and hoping on time
Forgetit: you sandbag
Forgetit: not even your grammar is strong
I do not say "loosing" at least. (told Forgetit)
Forgetit: chess your dictionary in case you have one

thecake: parzer
parzer? (told thecake)
thecake: patze
patze? (told thecake)
thecake: patzer

Muad-dib: sorry, my bitterness got the better of me

--> [I] just beat an IM with FIDE 2600 in a bullet game
Saint89(IM): does it matter when you play unrated
[me]: it's not about the rating, it's about the winning.
Saint89(IM): ok :)

Zebra: you're my hero

mdennis92: luck

[after a discussion in which mdennis92 insisted that I would not win more than one game out of ten (except I won one out of four), then I told him about this web site]
mdennis92: wow
mdennis92: all these conversations are discussion?i
[me]: If you're asking whether they are real, they're all real. They all happened.
mdennis92: no no, i mean all of these are in abusive language? mad people
[me]: oh yes there is a lot of abusive language. that is why I cannot put them in my finger notes ... besides I have too many
mdennis92: =) its silly to get so much angry after losing in 1 0
mdennis92: but u spend much time for these

MrMojo: I beat a GM
[me]: wow
MrMojo: but it was New years day :)

chesstrainer(IM): Thank, was utter crep
[After going 3.5-0.5 against chesstrainer I told him our games were "close to GM level play"]

{Game 508 (chessanova vs. [me]) chessanova forfeits on time} 0-1
say thanks(IM) (told chessanova)
chessanova(IM): thx nobody

STEPANAVAN: you calm dawn
STEPANAVAN: i don`t control lag smart ass
tell stepanvan no, but if you had any morals you would not play bullet with such lag (told STEPANVAN)
STEPANAVAN: You talking about morals?
STEPANAVAN: Go take tree out of youer eye
say in what way was I immoral? (told STEPANVAN)
STEPANAVAN: In any way you immoral
say (told STEPANVAN)
STEPANAVAN: i don`t use porno sites

{Game 1020 ([me] vs. Forgetit) Forgetit forfeits on time} 1-0
Forgetit: good at time cheating...

provoken: ya to bad i was up material on u, thats how u win a 1 0 game which is not chess
provoken: will gladly play u in a long game and cane your azz
provoken: lol nice u logoff and come back on b/c your mad lol sign off loser [except I didn't log off at all]
provoken: gratz on being a greta woodpusher, maybe they have a game for that in the special olympics
provoken: ill root for you in the special olympics dont worry some1 will be there to cheer you on
provoken: its ok friend no need to be angry, you maybe can win the gold, your made, youll have all retard chics you can want
provoken: the funny thing is you think i care lol, what a waste of a link
provoken: nice time win again lol almost 2k rating and u cant go up material on a 1600 lol how sad
provoken: come to vegas ill cane u in otb
[provoken at 16:42 on 06/23/2009] just come to the next big tourney here, otherwise shut your mout hand get real

{Game 790 ([me] vs. Forgetit) Forgetit forfeits on time} 1-0
[was third straight win]
Challenge: Forgetit (1735) inorganic (2016) rated Bullet 1 0
You decline the challenge from Forgetit.
[note classic win-quitting technique]

Forgetit: ok, run
say do I have to play you all day? Or just until you win one? (told Forgetit)
Forgetit: poor guy. I outplayed you in all.
say why did you lose then? (told Forgetit)
Forgetit: your time is a bit suspicious

SpeedFreak: im just lagging why are you patronizing me

{Game 712 ([me] vs. Socrates) Socrates ran out of time and [me] has no material to mate} 1/2-1/2
Issuing: [me] (2029) Socrates (2272) unrated Bullet 1 0
Socrates has declined your proposal for a match.
say what's wrong (told Socrates)
Socrates(IM): low level chess
you wanted GM chess in a bullet game? (told Socrates)
Socrates(IM): well i played fine
say I played fast (told Socrates)
Socrates(IM): you played bad
say but I played fast; in bullet there is the moves, and there is the clock (told Socrates)
Socrates(IM): the most important is the game; you have to respect the game
say I respect the game of bullet ... which includes both moves and time. You do not. You respect only the moves. (told Socrates)
Socrates(IM): if don't like chess, don't play it. blitzing blounders is not chess
say bullet is not chess ... haven't you figured that out yet? if you don't like to lose or draw on time, don't play bullet. play with an increment. I can't believe I have to explain this to an IM. (told Socrates)
[and it went on for a little while]

say you had mate (told Yacky)
Yacky: well, I am playing World of Warcraft too! DOUBLE NERD FAILURE!
Yacky: I am sort of addicted
Yacky: to playing Warcraft

trikzer has been on for 19 and idled 4.
1. Hi from Minnesota
2. somedays this game just really pisses me off

FlintEastwood shouts: beware everyone Nyanga and Trapula disconnect when losing

wills: i like being a LAGGER
wills: i like LAGGER BEER\

Yacky: check my notes, what am I doing wrong, I mean GEEZZ!!!
say you're winning (told Yacky)
Yacky: rofl
say have you seen MY notes? I mean, my web page FULL of ICC player comments? (told Yacky, who is playing)
Yacky: you are legend, of course I have :)
Yacky: and I am being sarcasitic, we both are turds sometimes-hahah, but humorous, these fuckers have no sense of humor
Yacky: rofl ... These people are floating turd pies!
Yacky: I do miss that Nakaisgod dude; he was fun to at least beat.

DavidAbran: man do you really think you are perfect in chess

[After going 5-2 against RS1, he starts the old delay-after-game routine. So I ask him why he's delaying ...]
RS1: I am not at your disposal! Idiot
tell rs1 you can DECLINE match requests that you dont want (told RS1)
tell rs1 have you considered that? (told RS1)
RS1: Go to hell FAG
Message from RS1 at 23:06 on 06/03/2009: U r trash!
Message from RS1 at 23:07 on 06/03/2009: Imbeciles like you should be expelled from ICC! Fast mouse..Lousy player!

say I am a French Defense specialist (told blueking) [after going 5-1 against him]
blueking: you are a mouse specialist

Rabbuni: wats the prob dude
Rabbuni: be cool and dont be so sad about yourself or watever

--> inorganic loves it when they leave
Zacharius shouts: inorganic is crazy
Zacharius shouts: he has said that same thing every day for years
Zacharius shouts: thats insane

Obliviax at Sun May 31, 20:45 EST 2009: gwoya says: encule ta mere sale fils de pute
translated by Babelfish: fuck up the ass your mother salts son of whore

Urakomeye: get the panw opk
Urakomeye: you right
Urakomeye: don t worry
Urakomeye: play happuy

VaheArm: you can suck my d*ck

say That opening is called "The French"(told El-Lopito)
EL-Lopito: tell your french mama
[after another win ...]
EL-Lopito: tell again to your french mother...

FriedrichII: more masturbating than chess

WhatChanceTruth: ggs ... you're a tough nut to crack
I'm just fast (told WhatChanceTruth)
WhatChanceTruth: oh, you do just fine...and you're REALLY f***ing fast!

cyclist: you are why icc is a cruddy place

KingMidas: få deg en hobby
[translation: get a hobby]

CAPAPRETA: nice collection of insults

elgranubo: jaja engine

tchaikoski: you was in difficult
tchaikoski: i play without tyension
tchaikoski: chess is fun for me
tchaikoski: i like to watch fanatics
tchaikoski: like you
tchaikoski: if i play serious you die

MIKE-TAL: a trade down clown
MIKE-TAL: always looking for the q trade
[note .. he's talking about a bullet game where he sacked a bishop on move 4 for zero compensation and hung a pawn a couple of moves later]
MIKE-TAL: you dont play tactical chess
[me]: why bother, if my opponent is thrown away pieces?
MIKE-TAL: take all the power off the board that's you
MIKE-TAL: i'm scared lets take the qs off the boared
MIKE-TAL: all you do is protect like a scared man
MIKE-TAL: you don't attack you protect
[eventually he plays me two more games; I won both]

LaurusNobilis(FM): Thx for the "lesson"!
[after I winquitted him after winning two cheap ones and then gloating shamelessly]

destruccion: i'm have a wrong

zayedali: play rated game i thing you became god rated

yopuedocontodos: hey
yopuedocontodos: stop the clock is not allowed

MasterShake(FM): well im typing my moves
say nobody believes that (told MasterShake)
MasterShake(FM): go screw yourself with ur bad attitude
MasterShake(FM): im nice enough to play fish
say My USCF rating is 1500 (told MasterShake)
say and yet you're only marginally superior (told MasterShake)
MasterShake(FM): but im in bed watching TV

KalleL: fui!!!!!!!
KalleL: dupoi
KalleL: i would like to be in yous noplay

RedRaider: are your pieces sticking??

KeroseneHat: you're a jerk

[After a game, which I won, I told Xenon, "You're a gas." I thought it was funny because Xenon is, after all, one of the noble gases. Then he wins a game ...]
xenon: your a gas asshole!!!! lolololololol
[Now he's censoring me.]

samuraichessman: you are bragging and acting obnoxious. Do you need to be told that?

NakaisGod: if you say one more things you'll be reported.

BobbyTal at 11:58 on 01-26-09: next time dont act like a lousy chicken

Obliviax(10): you made me forget what i'm doing

extrapolator at 19:38 on 01-22-09: thank you for your polite message indeed you made me leave con grats.

mudelsee(FM) at 15:28 on 01-22-09: Master, I enjoyed your lessons. So, will you leave now?
[Note -- I did indeed leave.]

CF-Spook: o piss off

vuckozr: fuck you
vuckozr: stupid jerk

TheWeakInChess: good collection of insults!

NxIris shouts: my bumhole is burning a lot but that burrito was so good it was worth it

lwm425: lucky ***

Game 1362 XerxesIII resigns} 1-0
say that was like GM level chess (told XerxesIII)
XerxesIII: thanks for sharing your GM level insight

monsieur-Opale: ma vaffanculo
[note that translates roughly to "fuck you" -- the literal Italian actually means "up your ass"]

{Game 781 (inorganic vs. Snekkles) Snekkles forfeits on time} 1-0
say LAGGER (told Snekkles)
Snekkles: so let me get this right - you're saying you have a faster connection - but you still lost ?
say I won ... duh (told Snekkles)
Snekkles: by being a loser
Snekkles: your American aren't you ?
say no in America we spell that "you're" (told Snekkles)
Snekkles: gud
Snekkles: . hows your arabic einstein

tell midav LAGGER (told Midav)
Midav: senceless statement
ping Midav
Ping time to Midav: 387 milliseconds.

{Game 1107 ([me] vs. TD) TD forfeits on time} 1-0
the sicilian is intrinsically weak [told TD]
TD(*)(FM): . who died and made you an authority on opening theory?

PaleFire: your ping time
no actually its you who has lag [told PaleFire]
PaleFire: YOu have faster ping means you can move faster, fool

masmitty: its cause i am chatting on msn [after losing three]

DodgeThis: open that big mouth a little wider
DodgeThis: perfect

Putski: you are really great

komubaba: had u by your numbnuts buddy!

juanca12: is no you is the machine
[me]: why
juanca12: mouse bad

Dominant-Plague: not bad
Dominant-Plague: for a 2200 player ;D
Dominant-Plague: enjoyed the sandbaggin, tx
Dominant-Plague: don't be so proud
Dominant-Plague: u can beat a uscf 1219 player
Dominant-Plague: must be using a problem

[posted those, then immediately...]
Dominant-Plague: how does one say
Dominant-Plague: eat shit

lizfer23: im not a fanatic of 1 min
[me]: you just learned that?
lizfer23: all w play is bullsht is just fast you know what i mean?
lizfer23: 1 min chess is just play fast is nothing where you can measure your strenght
{Game 1777 (lizfer23 vs. [me]) Game started}
{Game 1777 (lizfer23 vs. [me]) [me] stalemated} 1/2-1/2
[it was horrific ... I had two pawns and he had a rook bishop and queen]
[me] says: how great is that??
[me] says: you dont get such treasures in 5 minute games
lizfer23: well i think is just bullshit
[me]: thats only because you blew it
lizfer23: no man believeme is not bcs im losing im saying that but its just that in 1 min you cannot apreciate chess as in long games

JFernandez: i just don't have any internet anymore
JFernandez: fuck it

XerxesIII: Another complete loser....
[that was after I won a sloppy time scramble]

dewarsonrx at 23:25 on 06/04/2008: even a blind squirrel will find a nut
[that was after I went 9-2-1 against him and gained 75 rating points]

dewarsonrx: you're all talk
dewarsonrx: I must break you

Grifter at 11:29 on 06/04/2008: great sportsman you are, awipe

DeepMove: you play like a complete idiot
[me]: I know ... it's amazing how many games I win that way
DeepMove: brain but pretty lucky
[me]: I'd rather be lucky than smart
DeepMove: I do not think you win many
[me]: look at my stats ... I win 3 out of 4
DeepMove: A monkey can play fast
DeepMove: I prefer intelligent people
[me]: I didn't force you to leave your back rank unguarded
DeepMove: you were simply lost in all games dummy [Note: I beat him 3-0]

tell tanstaafl I am going to home now and drink beer
tell tanstaafl and then i will probably play some more gamez
Tanstaafl: your work ethic is admirable

VoiceRevelation: why does ure time freeze?

supernova: lets see u grab my pawns plz

ADT: playing more with mouse than brains

llobsroh: yea bullshit

Copperfield: loser

shakyzulu: you too good for me
shakyzulu: i can not any more
shakyzulu: you killed me


Robot-Immigrant: Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics...Even if you win, you're still retarded.
Robot-Immigrant: what another sandbaggin, asshole on the icc, i would have never thought ;D

RookIEMistake: i slipped ok new game

cissa: aaa you is times
cissa: aaa times aaa no 3

quinlami: exchanger

kinghellimlosin: poor game but thanks for trying
kinghellimlosin: so your grasp of reality and your chess are on a par eh

OM-PEACE: your an old fart who needs to change his panties gg
OM-PEACE: like I said asshiole

VoiceRevelation: look at u cheating again..ure time freezes
VoiceRevelation: dude learn not to cheat
VoiceRevelation: ure time always freeses when ure about to lose
VoiceRevelation: happened every game
VoiceRevelation: i will observe and tell ure opponents..lets see if they agree
VoiceRevelation: better to kow a cheater and not play him

WomenAreEvil: premove erros r slips in my miond
WomenAreEvil: if i didnt slip, i woudlnt give free peice :)
WomenAreEvil: i suclk
WomenAreEvil: gg';ssay nee dto go puinch someone
[me]: yourself how about
WomenAreEvil: my wall probably
[me]: you have issues
WomenAreEvil: no
WomenAreEvil: i just hate losing
WomenAreEvil: need to let out the anger
WomenAreEvil: u dont get mad whan u lose?
WomenAreEvil: u r inhuman

floogmaster has declined your proposal for a match.
floogmaster: i gotta win one before i go to bed
floogmaster: and im not gonna do it playing you

[me]: toast
BIST: not toast asshiole
BIST: r u a faggot
BIST: cuny
[me]: haha
[me]: cuny?
BIST: say cunt
BIST: run asswipe

[then he leaves about 0:01 away from getting mated]
[then the next day ...]
{Game 2049 (BIST vs. [me]) BIST checkmated} 0-1
BIST: asswipe

[then we start up another one ... and it goes:]
1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Nf3 Qa5 4. b4 c6 5. bxa5 1-0
{Game 365 ([me] vs. BIST) BIST resigns} 1-0
BIST: asswipe
BIST: asshole
BIST: assitch

deathreiki: putrid
deathreiki: puke in your mouth
[me]: we both played like GMs
deathreiki: yes we did
deathreiki: you were Rubenstein
deathreiki: insane and rude

mauriciobla: your brain is full of water
mauriciobla: your comments are really really stupid

Conquerer(24): that's what i love about this place, ur all fucking schmegma stains

Pinatsso: sorry my bro is an asshole
Pinatsso: what ever fag boy

emptylakes: want a cookie?
emptylakes: fag

Falkentyne: can you not send me tells during a game or i will censor you ok?

Pierrekurdy: i love your mom the best

{Game 352 ([me] vs. nb) nb forfeits on time} 1-0
{NOTE -- I had one pawn against his queen and two rooks]
[me]: LOL
nb: close eh
[me]: yeah i like that
nb: i will now censor you for inappropriate LOL though
[me]: you're not going to get all sore now, are you?
nb: no i am not like that
[me]: okay
nb: I just prefer no rubbing in - anyone can do that
[me]: yeah but I have a special gift for it
[me]: you should see my web page
nb: so what
[me]: okay okay
Not sent -- nb is censoring you.

Challenge: sjevtic (2121) [me] (1936) rated Bullet 1 0
{Game 1014 ([me] vs. sjevtic) sjevtic forfeits on time} 1-0
sjevtic: phone call andplaying same time

Gold-Rush: ;0
{Game 1138 ([me] vs. Gold-Rush) Gold-Rush forfeits on time} 1-0
Gold-Rush: speed
Gold-Rush: fast oney
Gold-Rush: i ated ur ass
{Game 1410 (Gold-Rush vs. [me]) Gold-Rush forfeits on time} 0-1
[me]: you've got the hate, dont you
[me]: whats the matter sweety
Not sent -- Gold-Rush is censoring you.

billx: why dont you really play
billx: i mean your lag
billx: you set it in your favor
[me]: oh is THAT why I'm winning?
told billx, who is playing)
billx: yes its cheating
billx: you set your lag high
[me]: or is it because you play bullshit openings [note: 2. Qh5 or 2 ... Qf6 every time]
(told billx, who is playing)
billx: read the trules
[me]: dont flatter yourself
billx: the rules staete you may not set the lag high in order to gain advantage
[me]: nobody "sets" lag
billx: and you have done that
billx: that makes you a cheater
billx: why do you do that
billx: dont feel good
billx: it makes you a loser
billx: why do you cheat
billx: [me] is a cheater and sets his lag time high

{Game 150 (Wha vs. theblob) theblob checkmated} 1-0
theblob(10): fuck chess
theblob tells you: god damn laggers

theblob: we are all your students

russianpickle: fu
russianpickle: looser\
russianpickle: what a u using steam computer?
russianpickle: fuck u
russianpickle: fuck off

HappyPorret: you get to 2000 by only playing fast?
HappyPorret: amazing

todd: i'm glad to see at least one thing hasn't changed
[me]: whats that -- my finger notes?
todd: it was pleasing to check your history and see a couple of flags against 1500s at the top

{Game 393 (russianpickle vs. [me]) Game started}
russianpickle has added 60 seconds to your clock.
russianpickle has added 60 seconds to your clock.
{Game 393 (russianpickle vs. [me]) russianpickle checkmated} 0-1

say it's time (told Its-Time) [during game with crushing king-side attack]
{Game 2009 ([me] vs. Its-Time) Its-Time forfeits on time} 1-0
Its-Time: for you to grow up
[me]: LOL good one
[me]: good come back there pal
Its-Time: ignoramous should be your name
[me]: you've got something there
Its-Time: i know that your a fool
[me]: you're
Its-Time: to say the least
Its-Time: no kidding
Its-Time: youre
[me]: you're with an apostrophe
Its-Time: no
Its-Time: its it
Its-Time: and fool is spelt with an F
[me]: contraction for "you are"
Its-Time: is it
[me]: I think so yes
Its-Time: you are so smart for a fool
[me]: LOL
Its-Time: go to show that even a good chess palyer can be a fool
Its-Time: youre a prime example [he still has trouble with that apostrophe]
Its-Time: a task? what is it? to sit in the corner with your fools hat on
Its-Time: go ahead
Its-Time: what a fool
Its-Time: very very ignorant person
Its-Time: very

[after winning on time in a drawn position ...]
[me]: I really love that
D7886: how pathetic
D7886: this is how u got your rating, lol
D7886: feel really sorry for you

crapablanca: ky commie losr
crapablanca: how is your boyfriend Hans?
crapablanca: he mentioned you spent all of your money on lubricant and
crapablanca: contributions to the communist party.
crapablanca: ky commie.
crapablanca: that is how you slap down a putz you ky commie.

withnail: I see twat
[me]: you do?
withnail: twat
withnail: do you know what a twat is? that's you..look it up

TrojanKnight: man you are ugly

FlyEaglesFly: lucky again\
FlyEaglesFly: u had to admit one or trwo of those games u got lucky??
FlyEaglesFly: i know u are a better player
[note ... yeah I got lucky a couple times but so what?]

JB: nice use of your lag
[Note ... my average latency was 70 ms, his was around 250 ms]
JB: i knew you would run
JB: we both knew it
[Note .. then I accepted his match request. He aborted.]
JB: go away
JB: who wants to play an idiot?

BlackFlash: wow!! what a wack!!


teach1914: fuck you chicken
teach1914: and your familu too
teach1914: idiot
teach1914: asshole
teach1914: what?are you going to cry?
teach1914: or tell your dad?
teach1914: bitch
teach1914: i know your kind
teach1914: pak pak pak said the chicken

TrueWarrior: shut play horrible...its 1 min
TrueWarrior: you act like your so smart when you are really a patzer

tell KokeFischer: LAGGER
KokeFischer: You are a moron

oriontrucker: pretty sad have to play people 300 pts lower to win

{Game 458 ([me] vs. oriontrucker) oriontrucker forfeits on time} 1-0
oriontrucker: you run well
[me]: you bet I do
oriontrucker: someday you will learn to actually play

daniba: hey stupid your alias [me] is wrong inofensive is right

CSel: you are dreamer... good night boy

grunts shouts: [me] you sadist

Next-Life: be quiet prick

frothyjowels: i love you

[me]: let that be a lesson
Fios: what r u talking about I couldn't grab the mouse in time u know u got lucky!!!!!!!!!

[me]: LOVE YA

MasterWoo: 1 sec bathroom break
[me]: you got a jug there?
MasterWoo: lol
MasterWoo: 1 sec
MasterWoo: i will crush u after i pee

HMarcus: I?m very good at chess and u at time

Game 1775 (Queen vs. [me]) Queen forfeits on time} 0-1
Queen: you flagger patzer
Queen: censor
$ ping queen
Queen is averaging 1297 ms latency (215 samples, std dev 2615 ms)
[Note that Queen also has the server-generated disclaimer for comp-cheating in his notes as of 30-Oct-2007]

quinlami: time cheat

[about a year later...]
quinlami: exchanger

[me]:"quinlami tells you: time cheat"
{me]: that was your excuse last time
[me]: I looked in my notes
quinlami: ??????????????????
quinlami: move on patzer
quinlami: don't you think it is a bit sad to be looking over notes?
[me]: no actually its what I live for

MikaD: you chicken mother fucker swhit

ZAPPI: DoxaVita tells you: can i ask you a favor?
ZAPPI: DoxaVita tells you: please tell [me] to uncensor me, we were friends. I have a new internet connection, no more lag...

USMarshall: you are chiting you are a master
me: actually my uscf rating is 1500 ... I'm an idiot
me: thats the best part
USMarshall: cheating
USMarshall: i dont think so no way Jose
me: yeah man it's true
USMarshall: put the owner of the account to play me
USMarshall: jejejeje
USMarshall: listen Kasparov i support you being president

grom43: stupid w butt bang!

DeathXeque: cagada
[me]: what does that mean
DeathXeque: luck
[me]: luck is better than skill
DeathXeque: you just have a good computer anda good positiongeografic that´s all

[me] whispers: Nf5
[me] whispers: Ng2
[me] whispers: Nf5
[me] whispers: !!
DrLipschitz whispers: dude stop annotating the game
[me] whispers: sorry
DrLipschitz whispers: :-)

smorodina (08:27 10-Aug-07): next escape=noplay list defin
[was response to a fairly serious winquit]

{Game 1663 ([me] vs. Bresemann) Bresemann forfeits on time} 1-0
[me]: learn from the master
Bresemann: clown
Bresemann: no master there
[me]: master of cheapos
Bresemann: Master of drunkness
Bresemann: U where outplayed
[me]: until you lost

preests: i am loose and tripe
preests: it is bad on wednesdays speshly
preests: is my loosest day

pelotas: VERY LUCKY

Predator: fast boy

JahnTeig: give him [Marve] a "truserosk" from jahnteig
JahnTeig: truserosk = wedgie

rezraf: lucky

trikzer: give a minuet

harish68: u have lot to learn
[me]: I dont care if I learn or not
harish68: neither do i
[me]: you need to get faster
harish68: i do not care even if u are alive or dead

Elixir: good job loser

harish68: again u win in a completely lost position by woodpushing
harish68: well done. bravo
harish68: how else would u win. u are unable to get winning positions

MiroDF(FM): i am afraid!
MiroDF(FM): humm i see you are a 1900 just a 200 bullet cheater
MiroDF(FM): 2000 bullet cheater thas why you play no rating games!! hahahaha
MiroDF(FM): i see now!
MiroDF(FM): you play because you are a big cheater patzer
[after looking at my web page upon my invitation ...]
MiroDF(FM): hei kid u are a fucked moron lol
[me]: Yes! But I'm not a cheater.
Not sent -- MiroDF is censoring you.

rumata1: your manners are behind your play
Rumata1: too many words, too litle deeds ...

neii: well accomplished

okiemark: i think you could make 1900 drunk

Rab22: okay, I think I've played way too much
[me]: me too but who cares
Rab22: after so long the pieces just become blurry =)

guingo: you are a gemtleman
[me]: I'm a gem. For short.
guingo: I am 76
[me]: Time to retire.
guingo: when you will 76 maybe you will be faster
]me]: I'll be dead

square1 says: bs queen

Yacky: It's about who LEAVES <-- brilliant

kshark says: give you speed that's for sure

Clegane says: unrated bullet is about as pointless as masturbating with a condom on

{Game 579 (Q-Man vs. [me]) Game started}
{Game 579 (Q-Man vs. [me]) Q-Man forfeits on time} 0-1
Q-man says: you are so weak

[after a time scramble with knights ...]
[me]: I usually win that kind of crap
BuffWarren: okay
[next game, tactical win ...]
BuffWarren: I bet you usually win that kind of crap too
[me]: yeah where guys give me a piece on move 10 I've usually had a good track record
BuffWarren: I'm drunk and have a toddler standing by me announcing "shampoo"
[me]: dont get drunk in front of your kids
BuffWarren: please... not that kind of drunk

Miami-Ace: OK, what is the rook wheel?

eraser: bad
eraser: leave
[me]: but that was my best game ever!
[note -- it was a horrible clock win down a queen and a rook for a piece]
eraser: you win because you have not 2100
eraser: and no rating
[me]: that didnt make sense to me
eraser: i only say than chess is more than to mvoe for to move

ROOKZINSKI: lets try 2 min u move faster than me i have slow mouse

[me]: either you want to play unrated 1 0 or you dont. But if you don't, you certainly can type "decline"
CahPahkah: thanks for the civics lesson; do you have any other thoughts you'd like to share?

say big time leaving now (told WhatChanceTruth)
WhatChanceTruth says: ok for youy to go, not me?
say it's not about who wins, it's about who LEAVES (told WhatChanceTruth)

JFernandez kibitzes: [me] if they gave out FIDE ratings for fishiness you'd be 2800

JFernandez: i can't believe i've never made the finger notes
JFernandez: very depressing
KJO: i did it. my finest hour
[me]: jfern ... look again
JFernandez: mmm bathrub
JFernandez: er bathtub

logga says: damn you so of a bitch time plae
[me]: wasnt I a piece up?
logga: yes...

59: + 2013 W 1919 Crazyhouse [ Bu 1 0] C00 Res May 07 07 21:18
[me]: let that be a lesson
Crazyhouse: what
[me]: you tried so hard to punish me for my castling failure that you forgot the basics
Crazyhouse: whatever buddy, i'm playing half asleep
Crazyhouse: but ill play some more and shut you up, ok?
[me]: okay! sounds good
60: + 2013 B 1919 Crazyhouse [ Bu 1 0] A40 Res May 07 07 21:20
Crazyhouse: we're not done
Crazyhouse: im awake now
62: + 2013 B 1919 Crazyhouse [ Bu 1 0] C02 Fla May 07 07 21:22
61: + 2013 W 1919 Crazyhouse [ Bu 1 0] C00 Res May 07 07 21:20
Crazyhouse: dinner
[me]: okay
[me]: enjoy your dinner
Crazyhouse: thanks
Crazyhouse: man, an entire page devoted to people hating you on ICC? can't say ive ever seen anything more nerdy in my life
[me]: everyone has to have a hobby
Crazyhouse: true that

blizzard tells you: what is the rook wheel?
[me]: that is where I use the mouse wheel to move rooks around ... very fast
[me]: in the rook endgames
blizzard: ok
blizzard: that's not very exciting
[me]: why not?
blizzard: erm ... it is a new invention for bullet
[me]: I had to program that!
blizzard: does it work well?
[me]: aw yeah man!
blizzard: how does it work?
[me]: just a little crack-n-hack into dasher, no big deal
blizzard: click the rook, then move the wheel?
blizzard: c++?
[me]: no no as soon as you move the wheel it knows you are moving your rook.
blizzard: isn't that cheating?
[me]: no
blizzard: lol ok
[me]: Here's why: It's all a hoax.
blizzard: haha
[me]: everyone who asks gets that same line of crap. Some fall for it harder than others. You're about average.
blizzard: what a waste of my time
[me]: That's why I'm here
blizzard: average. that's good
[me]: now don't get sore ... it's funny
blizzard: ok I won't
blizzard: It is plausible though
[me]: Yes thats why its a good hoax.
blizzard: well thank you for that
[me]: anytime
blizzard: want some bullet games?

pawngineering tells you: What is this rook wheel?

player1968 says: its not nice adjorn game like this


KalleL says: no chat please

Kingwalker says: you're strange

JesusPower: haha, I was scared of your bishop

whiski says: cheap player
whiski says: this is cheap
whiski says: disconnect and replay... like cheat

{Game 430 (Purity vs. [me]) Purity forfeits on time} 0-1
Bullet rating adjustment: 1892 --> 1906
say how about if we play later when you're not quite so laggy (told Purity)
say because, let me be honest here, 1400 ms is a lot of lag (told Purity)
Purity says: yeah its my network its called AOL
Purity says: total rubbish

odessian says: takeback
say forget it. it's bullet (told odessian)
[white forfeits on time][Bullet rating adjustment: 1969 --> 1979]
odessian says: screw you

mikael says: who are you, a slut?
say more of a chess voyeur (told mikael)
mikael says: do you want to play? from? lets play a 3 0
[me]: I dont know why you're talking to me. And I only play 1 0.
mikael: sure 1 0 is cool, you left me a message "I made ya leave"
say oh right! (told mikael, who is playing)
mikael: I didn't understand.
say I think we played a game and then I beat you horribly and you logged off. (told mikael, who is playing)
mikael: hmm I guess I lost but i never logg off because of that, if I am pissed I type rematch otherwise I had to study
mikael: match [me] 1 0 your formula fucks it up
[me]: maybe you're a lagger then
mikael: nooo
say Ping time to mikael: 2435 milliseconds (told mikael)
say yeah ... worthless lagger (told mikael)
mikael: shit man your lib %92
mikael: haha

samuellite2003 says: i think actually better than you [Note: [me] vs. samuellite2003 16-0-0 on 04/09/07]
samuellite2003: i just make too many stupid mistakes like that
say really? (told samuellite2003, who is playing)
samuellite2003: that's what i'm talking about
samuellite2003: time
[then at the end where I won a really awful one -- see my lib %92]
samuellite2003: that's another game where i beat you

sonoro says: poor idiot
sonoro says: your play is idiot
say I know ... but somehow yours is worse [told sonoro]
sonoro says: bye, dawn syndrome

ZomgItsOver: thanks chump
[me]: why am I a chump (told ZomgItsOver)
ZomgItsOver: because you suck in chess
[ note: I beat his ass ]

Mazurka tells you: it was ite
say ite? [told Mazurka]
Mazurka tells you: wrong person

Gronevelt says: im playing from mobile phone connection
[explaining why he had 35000 seconds of lag]

DeathXeque says: good lag bad player

Charlov says: what is the secret?the mouse or just one opening?

rapanui, whom you are following, has started a game with oculis.
You are now observing game 273.
rapanui, whom you are following, has disconnected.
rapanui has departed.
{Game 273 (oculis vs. rapanui) rapanui disconnected and forfeits} 1-0
Added (and emailed) the following message to rapanui: --[me] (10:26 15-Mar-07 EDT): HATING
rapanui has arrived.
You have new messages!
rapanui (10:28 15-Mar-07) yes, i like beating beat,en by stronger opponents, not beating myself because i get annoyed with the stupid moves by my opponent. i only disconnect to show my lack of respect for the opponent's play
rapanui has departed.

sheetkeeker says: nice bit of crap

[After beating JTK 9-0-0 in a series on ICC:]
JTK says: fuckwit
say why? cuz I rolled ya? (told JTK)
say even you won a piece I still rolled ya! lol (told JTK)
JTK says: 1 opening shithead
say it works (told JTK)
JTK: stick to fucking your sister up her ass
say I have a better idea -- type "hist" (told JTK)
JTK says: yeah its says fuckhead [me] knows one opening
say you could have played something other than 1... e5 all the time (told JTK)
JTK: hahaha [anti-semitic slur deleted], missing yer foreskin?

mhill(*) tells you: you always were a master provacateur
mhill(*) tells you: one of the reasons I'm in 10

ThePianoMan: just a sec i wasn't hatequitting.

hexacriminal tells you: thankrematch

Machiavelli says: nice prog
Machiavelli says: fritz?
Machiavelli says: i will report you for computer use
Machiavelli says: which prog are u using?
Machiavelli says: rybka?
say [me] v. 1.0 (told Machiavelli)
Machiavelli says: is it shredder?
Machiavelli says: speedtrap will catch you
Machiavelli says: lets play more, ill play seriously
Machiavelli says: ffs
Machiavelli says: the glare on my monitor i cant see stuff correctly soemtimes'
[some chatting ensued]
Machiavelli says: the glare thing is true though
say yeah yeah :) (told Machiavelli)
Machiavelli says: im not even joking, I just closed my light though, also.. before I tried to move my king fast but couldnt see a pawn so I lost like a second coz I kept trying to move it on that square
[then he wins a couple of games]
Machiavelli says: well, that glare problem seems to have fixed a lot
Machiavelli says: dont forget to add, the result of why i said that
[then I win a couple]
say is the glare back now? (told Machiavelli)
Machiavelli says: no
Machiavelli says: i simply didnt care
Machiavelli says: no, to be honest im not as motivated as i was before

awatome tells you: stop making smart when kibitzing ! or I have to assume you have a very bad education, my little something

trismegisto tells you: your mother

docz tells you: cocksucker

Smithereens tells you: drop a piece and still win, I wonder what its like to play real chess

JohnLaure says: damn my kueen

Vendetta(FM) tells you: its no chess [after three in a row for [me]]

grouchy at Tue Apr 29, 10:45 EST 2003: resign and dont disconnect if you go buddy

carenp(TM) tells you: you are too cute sometimes. thanks :)

Obliviax(10): i cant play wieth [me]
[ Two years later ... ]
theblob(109): wieth
[me](109): okay okay (told 4 players in channel 109)
woden(109): haha

Krasik-BOS tells you: not with this mouse

widowmaker kibitzes: if somebody does not play semi-slav is he anti-semite?

humorous tells you: A u afraid rating games?

tone(10): I suggest [me] obliviax
[me](10): I'm tired as shit right now I am not playing
Obliviax(10): me too
tone(10): gay
[me](10): ssh!
Obliviax(10): *slowly slides hand over [me]'s knee*
Obliviax(10): oh god that was gross
Gorgonian(10): oh hell yeah ive been waiting for this
tone(10): hahaha

vereiter says: jajajajja ver bad player
vereiter says: pcha
vereiter says: are you grand father?
vereiter says: bastard
vereiter says: bye

IggyPiggy(10): pssst ...[me], let's play some 1 0 as guests, noone will know

Obliviax(10): P FREAKING DECK

FlagFell(196): AllenMate says: the ICC is full of fantasy rating ego maniacs like yourself.
FlagFell(196): say play [me], he's very tough (told AllenMate)
FlagFell(196): AllenMate says: He's an a**

daisuke shouts: I N O R G A N I C
Notification: daisuke has departed.

dangerousman tells you: [me] certainly has his merits

Vishwa shouts: is playing a lots of game considered not having life [me]?

Gorgonian(2): agreeing with [me] can be hazardous to your health
Loomis(2): I know, but he is right a lot

Dillyman tells you: your computer is too fast
Dillyman tells you: your computer played well that time
Dillyman tells you: i may become religious
Dillyman tells you: i have yo go make some money I play poker not chess

hgarjur says: come on no offensed

MARKHOT tells you: yep no grace smartass

Gex(10): shove it, I'll play you

sexxx tells you: Do you want to play with me?

taffa says: shit hehe

mournful says: see ya son, can abide the smart remarks OR the cheating, but not both

mishmash tells you: if you dont have any knowledge of opening theory, how come you know the milner barry so deeply?

Boardumb[56] says: damn french theory

canadien tells you: y9say not us sorry one ass

zealot tells you: rematcher

movealready tells you: 0:19 .. how?

BlitzVader tells you: congrats on that swindle

xseven tells you: you appear to thrive on rejection and negativity

cattivo says: anything
cattivo says: i dont play you

Gars tells you: very speed

damestar tells you: u r a real voyeur

plumper whispers: thanks to ICC for giving us important opportunity to see this hind of shitfull games of te great3est ass

Pulmannen tells you: are you using gilly's timeseal?

Pulmannen(10): I refuse to continue playing [me]'s engine.

ustad tells you: i just saw
ustad tells you: i get lag

morphdude tells you: you suck cuz you're using a computer
morphdude tells you: your a fucken loser

dudo tells you: just stop saying stupidities and insulting

zounga tells you: you seem to be a good premover

ArtoSa tells you: I hate premovers. that was final game between us

montary tells you: get faster connection, you lame lag cheater

jaakko says: your playing was near style of 1200-rated idiot

dudo says: your mental age is nearly 5 years old

jaako says: you dont even do cheapos, you dont seem to know what ya doing

Tarp tells you: see you in about 5 years dickhead

yadung(10): I do not like being associated with shit or dung

Grizzly[66] says: shit i know better than this

KJO(10): why I so shit on MEWIS?

RageAgainstYou tells you: you decline, you are sucking

LSS tells you: how did you beat me 3 times? you must have cheated

Yquem says: ok, ok you have better hand-mouse coordination, youre not a better player though

Dogger says: why do you act/say things that are so gay?

letsgetiton tells you: is that how u like to win?

UncleBanana tells you: asswhole! You are underrated intentionally!!

Yquem tells you: hey fish, just realize that fics is not real chess and you're just exploiting it. If we met over the board 1 0, you'd be crushed.

oeli says: that was nothing at all

Pulmannen tells you: last game i played your computer, damn cheater

Marat tells you: You are a humpty little bastard.

DOCDAN tells you: you damn cheater. someone told me

[me](10): MasterQuit
Notification: theblob has departed.

EdgeCrusher tells you: leave me alone you big bastard

Fingle tells you: go fuck yourself you stupid twit

backstab tells you: you fucking lame ass fish

MataLeo[10] says: kiss my fucken ass.

Obiwan says: you weren't even close, you fat fuck

MataLeo tells you: you think I'm stupid, you sandbagging son of a bitch ... you suck.
MataLeo says: AAa kiss my ass fuck heak.


tune says: why do you play such chess I do not understand

kori tells you: I have to assume you cheat moving that fast because I am a fide master and you are a wimp

Quill says: I am very frustrated about losing that last game.

Ursa tells you: you are to lucky for me

tune tells you: that's no chess I dont want to play u

sazazz tells you: why your clock stayed all the game over 0:50?

zibba[30] says: you son of a bitch

TheLongOne tells you: it's irritating to get so close and always lose

backstab tells you: you're cheating somehow
backstab tells you: you still suck though

theblob[10]: this fucking mouse suckles

Obiwan says: whatever, cunt bag
Obiwan says: you whore ... suck bag ... dumb fuck
Obiwan says: you keep fucking horseshittin gme out of won fukign games.

[me] says: do you have the hate?

Ziga tells you: SorrymyPC wasdon the beginning blockt

guest247(U) says: sorry for the entire you, my gentle ass wipe

KonsciousDragon says: to tell you the truth, I just wanted one of my belligerent, obnoxious, and offensive comments added to your finger notes

quintski says: with a blitz rating of 1740 you are using a computer

ShortCuircuit says: you cant be serious ... nobody can be that fast


LEU tells you: why so unfair now?

imsgoodsur says: prutser

Jagdstolz tells you: arscgficjker

edr tells you: are you going to say PAWNS again?

craigh says: if i weren't so slow, you were toast

Guryon says: no way you moved that fast without premoving

Ddayman says: you are pure hop man oure speed shoive it

weightlifter says: you are just fishy [me]

Tilapia says: you're like a woman, stop talking

riista tells you: that was a dram ass hole ill repost you

Frittster says: I just wonder how in a split second at the end of a game you can make such a precise desision.

fafu tells you: you play greet no i think.
fafu tells you: your mouse is very effcicient only that sorry for you

svetlana tells you: the problem with all these people in your notes is that they only see the first 20 moves you make, which are usually nothing special or even weak. But in the end you start playing very well, so they start insulting you.

desertking says: your mind must not be as complex as one would think.

fiat tells you: if your USCF is less than 1500 you are a sandbagger.

Bishwacked tells you: a set of balls and play rated champ

DonQuichotte tells you: whank your mouse with someone else, bey

GayStoner tells you: f ytou
GayStoner says: and that's no mistake cheater
GayStoner says: I notice I'm not the only one to notice you're a cheater

Pabalum says: terrublae play me friend

BrownBomber says: your only compensation is time

PRINCE-IGOR tells you: you know ... i beat people well above your tiny rating all the time ... youre not that good ..
PRINCE-IGOR tells you: im going to bed

reformed tells you: whatever pal u are so highly rated -- i would own u in a second
reformed tells you: ur a dick
reformed tells you: you are a liar as well -- amazing
reformed tells you: time for you to grow up and drop the butt kisisng to the admins
reformed tells you: no one gave you any choice insults about you notes --- u made that up friend.

jjoe shouts: what can I do when a player - I don't know how - moves his figures a lot faster than a I although I move mine very quick

digit1213 (09:36 08-Dec-03 EST): play me in a 3 or 5 minute game next time your on...I'll show you disappointing you inbred piece of only play one minute because you can't beat anyone at anything else

LegalizeIt says: u are an arrogant asshole
LegalizeIt tells you: and stop talking trash to me
LegalizeIt tells you: okok, no offense, but it goes on my nerves that if i lose 5 times in a row and then i have to hear, "oh i am a genius" or "this opening is the french defense"
LegalizeIt tells you: just keep yourself on the ground
LegalizeIt tells you: i got friends that would kick your ass so bad, you wouldnt even say anything
LegalizeIt tells you: plus it is pathetic to think chess is an indicator for being a genius

SmartSet says: fu vck you

Tal tells you: nice trick there making me give my queen
Tal tells you: wtf? resign
Tal tells you: true, i made a move before looking at yours

Toumai tells you: ure a bad sport
Toumai tells you: get a life
Toumai tells you: ure also a foola nd im censoring u so iwill have the last word fool lol :) bye

TheBlingBling says: NICE R*UNNING SON

oozturk tells you: play game
oozturk tells you: man ... tell it ... you cant play such fast
oozturk tells you: you are cheating
oozturk tells you: guy I am sure you did not expect f4
oozturk tells you: indeed you don't play chess ... you estimate what will happen and this should not be enough

scraba tells you: stop using computer asshole

scraba tells you: u are too fast
scraba tells you: must be comp
scraba tells you: its called cheating

elithium says: what cheat you use to play so fast?
elithium says: without cheat you can't move that fast

yeshere tells you: I think you are a complete idiot with no chess skills that should thank god for lags and premove

theblob(10): HORSE SHIT

palash tells you: you're on premove you sucker

peos tells you: sometimes i think u premove too
fics% tell peos you know, I have never even tried premove once (told peos)
peos tells you: u r just too fast, and obliviax the same
peos tells you: i premove.i got tired of other people premoving too so...

testina says: your silly comment doesnt make you play better

Strikelin tells you: 15 0
Strikelin tells you: no more shit 1 0
Strikelin tells you: it blows

Philwillb tells you: fi fuck

LeninCarrion tells you: it said you left, magically you come back...isn't that weird to be likes that?
LeninCarrion tells you: or you think you can be a gentleman cheating and saying you have a visitor later on?
LeninCarrion tells you: precisely when you are in a bad position with time 8 agains 15 and for my surprised you comeback and win the game by time

say let that be a lesson (told MedioRussian)
MedioRussian says: a lesson about what? about your premoving fuckhead?
> say in fact I have never even *tried* premove (told MedioRussian)
MedioRussian tells you: yeah sure premoving patz

Broussy tells you: weakie loser... bend over
[me]-broussy 66-27-10

zealot says: you premove like an idiot
say I've never even tried it once (told zealot)
zealot says: theres absolutely no fun in playing against you
zealot says: you missed thousands of things
zealot says: your french exchange is pathetic
zealot says: were playing chess
zealot says: you stupid bitch
zealot says: wake up
zealot says: youre on a chess server
zealot says: i wonder what youre doing here
zealot says: if you agree to use "bullshit opening play", then, again, what the fuck are you doing here ?

SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: please take the sillyness out of channel 49

MedioRussian says: cunt
MedioRussian at Mon Jun 14, 11:46 EST 2004: you're just a patz with a fast mouse, you suck at chess and you know it

theblob tells you: i play bad when i cannot see
tells you: but this new mouse i have is rulez
theblob tells you: it is the logitech mx 518 with the rook wheel and slothtek lagolizer
... later ...
theblob tells you: i gamed my ass off
theblob tells you: i better go eat before i die

say technique (told androp)
androp: LOL
[me]: hehe
androp: yeah, nice bullet technique
[me]: exactly
androp: aLOL
androp: what a fish
[me]: you were never winning so I feel okay
--> Not sent. Player androp is censoring you

damianus2: shame stupido that they are unr

Here is an interesting exchange that occurred in channel 1:

SmartKnight(1): krunch is a cheat
SmartKnight(1): how can anybody magically insert piece?
Nyanga(1): why?
Remedy(SR)(TM)(1): (answering smartknight): help crazyhouse
SmartKnight(1): or automatically make opponent run out of time?
Regnmanden(1): in crazyhouse everybody can insert pieces
SmartKnight(1): oh ok thank u
[me](1): for the time thing, try "help gilly's_timeseal"
[me](1): j/k
SmartKnight(1): there is nothing when I type help gilly's_timeseal

philgiggs tells you: but u are a bad person
philgiggs tells you: and u know it
philgiggs tells you: i curse you and hope u die a bad death
philgiggs tells you: go have some sex, might cheer u up u miserable freak damestar tells you: serieous....these were interesting games...let's forget the insulting for once and play...okay?

damestar tells you: be happy with this lucky win

LaminanimaL shouts: My opponent lost on time but I had to resign because my rating didn't change and I couldn't play another game!!!

Gaettan c-shouts: ouf I've clic everywhere and i'm all lost, how can see the games that others are offering

knorretje tells you: lucky

ActorX tells you: tired , too many piece loss, and mouse slips
ActorX tells you: too many pieces lost, easy then sure
ActorX tells you: opps i lost on yime :)
> say you have lag (told ActorX)
ActorX tells you: yes thats why i lose on time
ActorX tells you: but i must work much to beat you :))

say I dodged this (told DodgeThis)
DodgeThis says: fu u
DodgeThis says: ass hole
DodgeThis says: suck me

{Game 133 ([me] vs. Henpecked) Henpecked resigns} 1-0
Bullet rating adjustment: 2022 --> 2036
aics% say great game
Your previous opponent has left.

TheFiddler says: that is just bullshit
TheFiddler says: might as well play a vidieo game

littledevil says: you are extremely strong
littledevil says: you can't play at all
littledevil tells you: you're a weak player, a bad loser, and a hoorible human being

Nusbaum tells you: can you tell me also when you will turn off your premove
> tell nusbaum HAHAHAHA I dont use it you little worthless cheater (told Nusbaum)
Nusbaum tells you: but your getting there
Nusbaum tells you: keep on moving
Nusbaum tells you: sori

zybasty tells you: i have fics fics first prize for kicking ass such mans like u , who talk a lot
zybasty(24): yeah , i wish u relay ur tells too ,wich stands before

themindset tells you: what's the point
themindset tells you: reduce and you win
themindset tells you: reduce reduce

OdiumMetus tells you: Your interface has it too and a few other things I hear....
OdiumMetus tells you: And you probably wouldn't be using it if you didn't use them.
OdiumMetus tells you: All interfaces have premove so mine is not 'buffed up'

Paloborracho says: fuck you asshole
Paloborracho says: little brian good hand, jerk

tell sofy You have no value as a person. (told sofy)
sofy tells you: hey
sofy tells you: wait
sofy tells you: why do you say that
sofy tells you: because I premove?
tell sofy yes of course (told sofy)
sofy tells you: 90% people here premove
sofy tells you: I don't want to be the idiot who doesn't
sofy tells you: you understand
sofy tells you: and what is the worst
sofy tells you: woden premoves
sofy tells you: I know it
tell sofy actually woden does NOT premove (told sofy)
sofy tells you: he does of course
sofy tells you: that is the way you talk
sofy tells you: bla bla bla
sofy tells you: it is legal
sofy tells you: and you guys who complain have nothing better to do
sofy tells you: what is right what is wrong?
sofy tells you: if FICS allows it, why is it wrong?
sofy tells you: if my client allows it why is it wrong
tel sofy premove is wrong because it's WRONG like screwing your wife's best friend. (told sofy)
sofy tells you: if most people premove against me, I will to
sofy tells you: that is your opinion
sofy tells you: it is like religion
sofy tells you: christianity is right
sofy tells you: or something
sofy tells you: it is your opininon and keep it for yourself
sofy tells you: why do you attack other people
sofy tells you: if FICS says, premoving is illegal, I'll stop
sofy tells you: but I'll know everybody stopped
sofy tells you: then it is OK
sofy tells you: otherwise it is just another flamewar
sofy tells you: majority of people don't complain about premoving
sofy tells you: it is just a bunch of you guys
sofy tells you: and you will not change anything
tell sofy the majority is usually wrong. didn't you learn that either? (told sofy)
sofy tells you: especially when you insult like you did
sofy tells you: go talk to admins, talk to anybody
sofy tells you: but don't kibitz during the game and call me idiot
sofy tells you: that just shows your character
sofy tells you: it will not change me

elithium(1): what does "ciao grandes culos gay" mean?
Cayce(1): goodby big gay asses

HiGer says: you has a slower watch
HiGer says: arsch
HiGer says: good for you

GhostInTheShell[20] says: you are an agressive proletarien bugass

ouibjamn tells you: too much weed for sure

KnightCrawler tells you: I am here for fun, not advice.

Vikesha says: how do you manage to play 1,5 times faster than me
say remember I've played 60,000 games of this shit (told Vikesha)
Vikesha says: experience? i think technology is more important

SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: please stop

GuestZFNZ(U)(4): what can i do to get registered ?
[me](4): You go to the web site I think.
[me](4): you can also read "help register"
[me](4): In the meantime, may I suggest that you read a very important help file:
[me](4): "help intro_basics"
[me](4): Before registering, be sure to practice up on your profanity and general rudeness.
You have been added to the c4muzzle list by SuperIntellect.
> tell superint do you realize I've been spending the last 5 minutes helping all the guests you haven't? (told SuperIntellect)
SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: telling them to use profanity is something we don't need your help for, but thanks anyway
SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: how many times do we have to tell you to take your jokes out of the help channels?
SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: was it two yours ago you were fired for that same thing and you still haven't learned?
SuperIntellect(TM) tells you: you have 250+ channels you can send your jokes in, pick one of those

franzzi(1): A user somehow cheated. he logged off in a lost position and as we resumed it was said that had given up the game

slave2thequeen says: damn u

Present company includes---> daisuke
aics% set interface SLICS2.6v 32-bit (c) 2001.11.27
[me] shouts: D A I S U K E (shouted to 345 people)
RETIORNOT tells you: What does that mean?
aics% tell retiornot it means daisuke (fi daisuke) (told RETIORNOT)
RETIORNOT tells you: What does that mean?

SolarEnigma says: fag win

The now-famous woden meltdown:

woden says: fuck that
woden says: i could have left when i had 8/10
Pulmannen tells you: well done, you raped woden pretty bad.
woden(10): i had him 8/10 at one point too
woden(10): but i did not quit
muffin(10): its your fault woden, you showed signs of weakness.
woden(10): [[me]] added to your censor list.
muffin(10): thats the idea, he pissed you off
woden(10): he is just desperate to have a nice looking hist and rating
theblob(10): he is naturally good at pissing people off

Tanuki says: hmm, you just fast
Tanuki says: but weak
Tanuki says: but fast
Tanuki says: but weak
Tanuki says: but fast
Tanuki says: but weak

Veit[109] says: vewry poor
Veit[109] says: sigh
{Game 109 (Veit vs. [me]) Veit resigns} 0-1

justinb says: dude, you're a bastard
justinb says: i'm not fucking downloading anything

Struuut tells you: whats wrong with u asshole
> tell struuut I saw you premoving against Wha (told Struuut)
Struuut tells you: super idiot go to hell
Struuut tells you: ha ha u idiot
Struuut tells you: cmon say something lol
> tel struuut you premoved 17 times against wha
fics%% Player "Struuut" is censoring you.
Struuut tells you: u damn motherfucker

Surely(97): anyone for some 1 0 z?
Surely(97): anyone but pulmannen that is

[me](196): I have an alias that says "gg handshake nice game" followed by several obscenities (told 4 people)
FlagFell(196): these are the things that make life worth living

UranusHertz(2): Why everyone call me 'gg'?

guest8039(U) says: you just proved that you are an arrogant piece of shit and a sour loser

Arnaqueur tells you: come on
Arnaqueur tells you: don't speak
Arnaqueur tells you: show me ur level!

HappyKamikaze says: yes i'm nice but you're a virtuoso premover!!
> say I have never used premove. Not even once. (told HappyKamikaze)
HappyKamikaze says: tell this tale to sptupids
HappyKamikaze says: you're ridicolous
HappyKamikaze says: 0 seconds move are clearly premoving and you do it
HappyKamikaze says: illuse yourself

ExcaliburDash tells you: and i remember jindahouse told me once ago that u were the master on the stonewall with blacks
ExcaliburDash tells you: i know stonewall is iwth blacks
ExcaliburDash tells you: i use the fernch

Xolaris(1816)[8] kibitzes: you're lucky
Xolaris(1816)[8] kibitzes: i have a hand


Xolaris[2] says: wtf
{Game 2 (Xolaris vs. [me]) Xolaris resigns} 0-1
Lightning rating adjustment: 2049 --> 2052
Xolaris says: i'm done
Xolaris says: i can't play lightning for a week now
Xolaris says: i don't think i've ever had a 10 game history with 9 losses
> say learn from the master (told Xolaris)
Xolaris says: master premover
Xolaris tells you: pure bs
Xolaris(10): go find someone else
Xolaris(10): my ass hurts too much

Lumpy at Sun Aug 22, 19:08 EST 2004: let's play when I am on top of my game and you will be the one wishing you could get a draw.

abuse at Sat Aug 21, 01:53 EST 2004: We're not going to debate the rules. Help channels are for serious server help matters. You've been told countless times before. If you disagree with the rules that is your choice, but if you don't follow them, you can sanctioned.

Posted [on JB's bug page by KarlN] on Monday, March 05, 2001 - 10:03 am: I guess Ill wait a bit...when the likes of obliviax and [me] can survive in the premove jungle, there may be hope for me too

{Game 16 ([me] vs. wordspoken) wordspoken resigns} 1-0
Lightning rating adjustment: 2037 --> 2040
say chess is a hard game (told wordspoken)
wordspoken tells you: well that was polite

DoxaVita (15:01 03-Aug-06 EDT): sorry but today i didnt sleep very well, hence the quality of my play

bash(2): uncensor [me], let him put the stuff on the web site, then censor him again if you feel like it
Lamtarra(2): No I detest him

littledevil tells you: it's a complete mistery to me why you keep telling me stuff

SurveyBot(TD) tells you: Your standard RD is too big.

Kalashnikov tells you: shemale

Tell zibba GET HIM (told zibba)
{Game 39 (chuxy vs. zibba) zibba forfeits on time} 1-0
zibba tells you: i blame you for that

falx says: u think because u won an unrated bullet game while i'm eating lunch that u should aleert the media?
falx says: how pathetic "by the way thats called the french" what a joke

trollano says: fotr this you play no rating
trollano says: you have not 2100
trollano says: up wich computer , very good

paskas(1): this server is not equal
paskas(1): you are fucking cheating with time bastards

guest2895(U) says: keep pushing wood, weakie
guest2895(U) says: no class, no chess, just a well-jerked off mouse

guest4284(U) tells you: fucer
guest4284(U) tells you: dickhead prickk
aics% say time to leave and log right back in! (told guest4284)
guest4284(U) tells you: cocssuker
aics% say you're fucked (told guest4284)
{Game 344 (guest4284 vs. [me]) guest4284 forfeits on time} 0-1
guest4284(U) tells you: eat shit an die
guest4284(U) tells you: God curse you to hell
[see [me] %70]

guest7627(U) says: cheating bitch
guest7627(U) says: im the best and don't forget
guest7627(U) says: it's people lik you who make this site terrible
guest7627(U) says: go away

richardcavell(1): I'm using Winboard in Australia and my cock seems to run down before I've had a chance to move. It's almost impossible for me to take less than about 3 or 4 seconds when making a move. Is it because I'm so far from the server?

fazt says: if u dont premove how cme you lost a piece in the opening he he he
fazt says: answer that moron
say I won anyway (told fazt)
fazt says: fucking pussy

MedioRussian says: I'm sick of your're fast but you play shit
MedioRussian, whom you were challenging, has departed.

fazt says: why it boder so much then lol
fazt says: why premove bother you so much ha?
fazt says: u r just a pussy and a big mouth
fazt says: shut the fuck up if you do the same

jacwrewit tells you: stfu mofo

woden tells you: you are such a bad deal right now

LSS tells you: what u doin here, u don't play bughouse

coupdegrace tells you: Idiot-bating been a hobby of yours for a while, I see

theblob(10): i recommend censoring bughaus in celebration
theblob(10): he delays between games, he premoves, and he is a complete asshole{Game 80 (bughaus vs. theblob) theblob ran out of time and bughaus has no material to mate} 1/2-1/2
bughaus(10): hahabughaus(10): thanks for games blob
bughaus(10): im getting tired
[me](10): oh right
[me](10): thats bullshit
theblob(10): you are censored for one year
bughaus(10): wow!

Chaos shouts: weili wants to know what a condom is someone please tell this youngster about the birds and the bees
[me] shouts: A condom is a thin sheath of latex or polypropylene that is worn on a man's external genitalia to prevent him from impregnating a woman or from transmitting certain diseases. (shouted to 304 people)
Lyon(*) shouts: stop this, thanks. This is not the right place to explain that subject
Chaos shouts: thanxs [me]
WeiLi tells you: in ENGLISH plese

After winning a game against guest502, this followed:

guest502(U) says: you are the weakest shithead i've played
guest502(U) says: time to stick your head into your ass moron
guest502(U) says: hey shmuck
guest502(U) says: grow some brains while you are at it

guest4547(U) says: you play like a chile

paulyanni says: oh u kibitz so u dont get in trouble?
paulyanni kibitzes: eat shit asashole
paulyanni kibitzes: suk my dik aswipe

JSLEARNING tells you: open fag
JSLEARNING tells you: figures idiot
JSLEARNING tells you: drop dead

WorkOrChess shouts: I don't play retards

guest367(U) says: atleast with a slower mouse I am raping your sorry ass

Wulf (01:25 14-Apr-05 EDT): i left on you a few times before I had an account :)

Hawkeye (05:58 11-Apr-05 EDT): i am sure you love this : Cadillac says: lucky patzersw

JesusSaves says: good job

Charlan7 tells you: lemon

guest7579(U) says: how about five minute the compouter lag is killing me also you atre styrong

guest735(U) says: blow me

guest745(U) says: you aint shit

zugzwang1 says: you just quick

guest4077(U) tells you: premafkindonna

guest4340(U) tells you: eat my dick

AcademiaNut(*) tells you: my penis fell out of my boxers and hit the keyboard, typing an erroneous message?

GuestKDTN(U)(4): fuck oll of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[me](21): Hi, ichatmyassoff
ichattopadhyaya(21): shut up, [me]
ichattopadhyaya(21): f*** off!

woden(10): i dont premover you whiny little bitch

Haotu(10): i play for allnight to get my rating up and then i fucking lose it to some new ass hole. fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MojoMan tells you: like i said get a life you worthless inbread piece of shit

Nemisis(SR)(CA) tells you: fell free to speak to my censor.

titaniumrook: th f games is tyhat why you play unrated :-)

Notification: vonson has departed.
MazrimTaim(10): ATTENTION CHANNEL 10
MazrimTaim(10): QH4+ G3 NXG3!!!!!!!!!

QueenThief(1): hey i need to report someone for cussing
[me](1): okay but first please tell me what they said
QueenThief tells you: ok GuestGDHZ said stick a cock in ur mouth up ur ass

Challenge: Want2Learn (2243) [me] (2121) unrated Bullet 1 0
You may accept this with "accept Want2Learn", decline it with "decline Want2Learn", or propose different parameters.
Want2Learn, who was challenging you, has joined a match with ROOKZINSKI.
tell want2learn see? (told Want2Learn, who is playing)
Want2Learn tells you: what
tell want2learn you matched me (told Want2Learn, who is playing)
. lol (told Want2Learn, who is playing)
Want2Learn tells you: i am not matching you!!!!!!!

rgschneider(1): peck eevem under 100 mg sof pur morehine i would havea abast more intelliment this to soy than you paleoletithic brain

[me](1): I have taken the approach of not only enjoying these insults, but collecting them and sharing them on a special web site that I have created (URL: fi [me])
Majic(1): lol [me]... i'm glad I didn't find myself in there... :)

%FICS> Mankin am sorry of leaving in the middle of tournament. My wife had an accident in our toilet and I had to go help him. Could please remove note from my records?

PCM(2): Want me to say something ? OK, your jokes in ch 1 were not only not as funny as you think they are. They were also quite stupid in the sense they were only funny to some experienced users while quite disturbing to the beginners who thought they got real help

~~conversation with admin (probably SI)~~~ Adjudicate(*)(1): tell me which game you want me to look at, what result you are asking for, and some analysis to back up your claim
[me](1): I'm looking at Kasparov-DeepBlue Game 3 (first match) and ... oh ... sorry
%FICS> tell adjudicate :) (told Adjudicate, who is examining a game)
Adjudicate(*) tells you: Please save the comedy routines for other is hard enough to help the newbies without smartalecks gumming up the works
%FICS> tell adjudicate I know I know ... but that was actually funny. (told Adjudicate)
Adjudicate(*) tells you: Oh, so that excuses *anything* ? Sorry, I don't see it that way
~~~end of conversation with admin~~~

{Game 97 (killhatz vs. theblob) theblob forfeits on time} 1-0
theblob(10): bull shit
[me](10): nifty
theblob(10): premove central
{Game 20 (theblob vs. killhatz) theblob resigns} 0-1
theblob, whom you are following, has started a game with killhatz.
You are now observing game 38.
theblob(10): i fucking hate this premoving lagger
{Game 38 (killhatz vs. theblob) Game aborted on move 1} *
theblob(10): so i won't play him

{Game 150 (killhatz vs. vonson) vonson forfeits on time} 1-0
vonson tells you: thanks
%FICS> tell vonson What's the matter, got the hate? (told vonson)
vonson tells you: i got the just-woke-up-don't-give-a-fuck
{Game 181 (eira vs. vonson) vonson resigns} 1-0
[me](10): how NOT to play the Sicilian
vonson(10): go fuck yourself or play me decker

[me](2063)[31] kibitzes: libray = premover
libray(1946)[31] kibitzes: [me] = girly cheerleader

bishopsac(2203)[2] kibitzes: dumbass [me]
bishopsac(2191)[52] kibitzes: too bad you too much of a bitch to play me [me]
bishopsac tells you: you just an shit talker
bishopsac(2199)[66] kibitzes: [me] why wont you play me
bishopsac(2199)[66] kibitzes: you sit there and talk shit come be a man
bishopsac tells you: you are the moron sit there and talk shit in everyones game... this isnt the first time iu have seen you do it
bishopsac tells you: I could give a crapless about points

Zupa says: what I was supposed to adjourn game where I have 1 second on the clock??
say no that was meant to distract you (told Zupa)
Zupa says: so you are not playing fair
say actually your clock showed negative time ... I was attempting to courtesy adjourn

{Game 103 (apitka vs. [me]) apitka checkmated} 0-1
Lightning rating adjustment: 2063 --> 2075
apitka says: lucky bitch
> say never assume! (told apitka)
apitka says: idiot
> say That opening is called "The French" (told apitka)
apitka says: oh! you know thar
apitka says: didnt look like that for me
> say didn't MATTER is what the truth is (told apitka)
apitka says: you played like patzer
> say But look ... a win in my column! (told apitka)
apitka says: yes you are fast
apitka says: and funny =)

blizzard: you fucking knob

hunz: lucky
hunz: you play hunz u go down son
hunz: wow must be ur lucky night
hunz: ok pull the horse shoe out ur ass son
hunz: wow some one must still have horse shoe up there ass

themindset says: congrats on your "victory"
say premoving in unrated? (told themindset)
themindset says: playing for pure clock in unrated?
Angelius tells you: thanks the mindset for me :)
themindset says: kinda sad buddy

{Game 101 (themindset vs. [me]) themindset resigns} 0-1
No ratings adjustment done.
themindset[101] says: i outplayed you again. good clock tho
> say outplayed? I'm up a pawn (told themindset)
themindset says: after the clockgrabs.
> say I have two passed pawns ... how did you outplay me? (told themindset)
> themindset says: wow, do you lie to yourself, or just me?

--- after a game that went 1. e4 d5, 2. ed Qd5, 3. Qf3 black resigns:

{Game 124 ([me] vs. themindset) themindset resigns} 1-0
No ratings adjustment done.
themindset says: you're not worth playing if you aim to trade queens like that.
themindset says: not even close to fun
> say trading ladies is a perfectly viable strategy (told themindset)
themindset says: good lucking with your empty chess.

libray says: I can't compete with an engine or ultra premove. going to work
libray says: I'm saving the last one in a journal if you ever try to use hypocracy again
libray says: thanx ... never found a download for it. Its probably xboard and you guys changed the interface name

vonson tells you: nice history
Obliviax(10): vonson was MUZZLED today by SuperIntellect and AcadamiaNut
vonson tells you: fuckjob

Fall says: my poker kept popping up

LSD tells you: dont talk

DrECCO[11] says: go home! you looser

mindman(1): how do people get classified as an abuser?
Scapegoated(1): they abuse
[me](1): Usually by doing something abusive and getting caught and having at least one admin that does not like them.
You have been added to the c1muzzle list by GBate.
FICS% tell gbate tell me for how long I am muzzled from ch 1 please
(told GBate, who is examining a game)
GBate(*) tells you: the editorializing about admins was not necessary at all
FICS% tell gbate it wasnt that bad either
(told GBate, who is examining a game)
GBate(*) tells you: One week

HeyBabe tells you: come back when your rd drops below 80
tell heybabe It never will in blitz or standard
(told HeyBabe, who is playing)
HeyBabe tells you: thats because you dont understand chess
tell heybabe no it's because I dont see the point of thinking for 15 minutes only to make the same mistakes I would in 1-minute chess
(told HeyBabe, who is playing)

{Game 121 (Nerwal vs. theblob) theblob checkmated} 1-0
theblob(10): thank yo u[me] for distracting me

spaceibiza says: you dont speak to me never thnks bye
spaceibiza says: you are mad
spaceibiza says: simply

about a month later:
spaceibiza says: son of a bitch

guest3610(U) tells you: guess that is an insult, fuck you hows about that

guest26(U) tells you: shape is nothing, you fucking ass i had 10 seconds on you and you know it... you would've lost on time regardless. Fucktard.

guest2531(U) says: shove it inyour ass faggot
guest2531(U) tells you: fucking pussi it fag..thats the only time u beat me
[then after I fork his piece on move 18:]
Your opponent has lost contact or quit.
{Game 589 ([me] vs. guest2531) Unregistered player guest2531 disconnected and forfeits} 1-0

chesspimpery says: u luck its not rated

guest3577(U) says: thats why you quit
guest3577(U) says: because you are afraid
guest3577(U) says: idiot
say hahahahaha I'm enjoying it so much (told guest3577)
guest3577(U) says: then your life is pretty hollow

danielk tells you: don't be a jerk, you lost and you're a big loser, that's it

Goa (08:26 03-Oct-06 EDT): you seem to be on a roll in both on board and off board hate inducement....

guest5732(U) tells you: u are a sick man

95: + 2118 B 1850 princess69 [ Bu 1 0] C00 Res Mar 28 06 14:49
94: + 2118 W 1850 princess69 [ Bu 1 0] C47 Res Mar 28 06 14:49
93: + 2118 B 1850 princess69 [ Bu 1 0] C00 Fla Mar 28 06 14:46
92: + 2118 W 1850 princess69 [ Bu 1 0] B28 Res Mar 28 06 14:45
91: + 2118 B 1850 princess69 [ Bu 1 0] A01 Fla Mar 28 06 14:43
princess69 says: asshole

20. Nxg3+ (forking king and queen)
guest7759(U) says: bye moron
{Game 624 (guest7759 vs. [me]) Unregistered player guest7759 disconnected and forfeits} 0-1

guest1640(U) says: you shouted about lied

guest2250(U) says: fucking premove cheat
guest2250(U) says: don't play me again
guest2250(U) tells you: i win by mate most games, i only lose on time idiot

guest5106(U) tells you: and I have to say u are a very humorous person

guest5106(U) tells you: u are GREAT
guest5106(U) tells you: have a beer on my costs :-)

guest2912(U) says: Ah an American

guest6776(U) tells you: [racist epithet]
guest6776(U) tells you: u may talk the talk but let me restasure that u may play only 1600 level
aics% say that seems to be good enough to whip your ass (told guest6776)
guest6776(U) tells you: may get all happy u a icc freak but u r a [racist epithet]
guest6776(U) tells you: keep talking u [racist epithet] bastard
guest6776(U) tells you: people who bad sport like u always end up losing in the long run
guest6776(U) tells you: enjoy your day ICC freak

MAZSOLA(GM) tells you: only fast, brain no...

[%98 2202 MAZSOLA 2121 [me] >>[me]<< [ Bu 1 0] C14 Apr 17 06 09:41]

guest5610(U) says: anyways ur blitz shows what a patzer u are :D 1900 lol

guest2455(U) says: wanna be banned from icc?
guest2455(U) says: ur headin in that direction
aics% say haha for taunting you after a game? (told guest2455)
guest2455(U) says: for being an idiot who needs to grow up and get a reality check
aics% say hahahaha what you're saying is that you just lost to an idiot (told guest2455)
guest2455(U) says: you ARE an idiot who thinks hes good in chess but all he does is play 1500s and guests.. what kinda moron are you?

guest4793(U) says: lucky fuck

guest4616(U) says: [me] shut up asshiole

guest4812(U) says: yeah well u SUCK dude, 1400 all da way, fast but weak
guest4812, whom you were challenging, has left.

jajego says: You're gm
jajego says: I see, you're a maser buddy
jajego says: master, that is...
jajego says: I , once had your rating , but it's been like 2years, I've not played

guest1781(U) says: time cheating bastard
guest1781(U) says: it's people like u who make this site terrible.
guest1781(U) says: go awary

guest2118(U) tells you: i am better than you

guest3793(U) tells you: i must say, i don't give a fuck

guest2238(U) tells you: i am 8 years old girl with horse

guest2887(U) says: dont talk to me, [racist epithet]

--> spurs: [me] is a pimp so he has lots of gfs

spurs tells you: tell him shemale
tell guest3085 shemale (told guest3085)
guest3085(U) tells you: who male ? you ?

guest6897(U) says: I make cock ups .. I live with them all the time :)

guest7018(U) tells you: with xcomputer connard !!
guest7018(U) tells you: ashole!!!!!!!!!

guest5782(U) says: what are you yapping about

guest7613(U) tells you: it's a meaningless game. Grow up :)
guest7613(U) tells you: you play 1 0 and think it means something. how stupid :)
guest7613(U) tells you: but for your comments, I shall report your behavior to the admins. Have a great day. I'm sure they will make a note :)

{Game 141 (guest5725 vs. [me]) guest5725 checkmated} 0-1
guest5725(U) says: hey, blow me
guest5725(U) says: dickweed guest5725(U) says: fella my nuts guest5725(U) says: you piece of shit guest5725(U) says: what kind of homo are you? guest5725(U) says: you aint shit guest5725(U) says: dont delude yourself into thinking you are anyone good guest5725(U) says: we are all patzers, and you are also a dick guest5725(U) says: i would like to meet you so i could whup your ass guest5725(U) says: you mama has my weeny in her ass guest5725(U) says: there you go being a dick

{Game 671 (guest126 vs. [me]) guest126 forfeits on time}
guest126(U) tells you: you are just an idiot

guest2885(U) tells you: that was a resignation - now fuck off dickwad

WDF(1): * how do i file a complaint about someone sending me filthy messages ?
damir1813(H)(1): Please read "help rude"
aics% tell wdf what kind of messages? (told WDF)
aics% tell wdf I like to collect such things in my world-famous finger notes
WDF tells you: he said i am a pussy and I fuck my mother who happens to be deceased
WDF tells you: i am outraged
tell wdf Instead of being insulted (this kind of thing will just continue), I collect these insults and put them on a web page for all to enjoy.
WDF tells you: i see your url, these people are silly

guest7175(U) says: premover
guest7175(U) says: so very weak

Dpblaze5 says: until you got lucky, very much yes

guest3435(U) says: you are crushed imbecile.
aics% say no no no I won. type "hist" (told guest3435)
guest3435(U) says: yes, but...crushed anyway
aics% say you took too long doing it ... in bullet you lose for that (told guest3435)
guest3435(U) says: hey loser, how about a great cup of shut the fuck up ?
guest3435(U) says: you should better play "rated games" vs registered players instead of showing of vs guests...huuh ?

guest72(U) says: why are you such an assghole?
guest72(U) says: you really need help with personal interactions

guest1465(U) says: smart ass

JoeyGee(1): * gerarh you fucker
anandkvs(1): haha
[me](1): keep 'em coming Joey
JoeyGee(1): * fuck you [me]
JoeyGee(1): * you jackin' off you fag
MAd(1): watch your mouth or you are out of here for good
tell mad I dont think he knows how to do anything but "tell 1" (told MAd)
MAd tells you: well even if it were in a different channel or to another user ...
JoeyGee(1): * who are yopu mad
[me](1): MAd is one of our administrators.
JoeyGee(1): * mnd your own biz
[me](1): The health and well-being of the server is precisely his business.
MAd(1): Joeygee this is the last chance you get to start being polite
JoeyGee(1): * fuck you
pudas(1): lol
[me](1): Another loss in your hist there Joey?
siggemannen(SR)(1): please watch your language
[me](10): this joeygee guy is priceless
woden(10): did he say somethign else
JoeyGee(1): * hey mad you fuckwit
woden(10): i might just add ch 1 again
woden(10): oh nice
[me](10): yes he said "fuck you again" and now, "hey mad you fuckwit"
siggemannen(SR)(1): joeygee, you should watch your language, you're not a good role model for children here
woden(10): Notification: JoeyGee has departed.
SamGanges(10): JoeyGee apparently disconnected-abused when he logged off; if chess is not fun, just quit it dude
History for JoeyGee:
Opponent Type ECO End Date
0: = 1589 W 1471 BlitzThree [ br 10 0] C41 Agr Sun Sep 3, 09:01 EST 2006
1: - 1370 B 1414 tamba [ br 10 0] B02 Mat Sun Sep 3, 09:19 EST 2006
2: = 1348 W 1296 Salamon [ br 10 0] *** Agr Mon Sep 4, 11:49 EST 2006
3: - 1234 B 1227 cranknatr [ br 10 0] B03 Fla Mon Sep 4, 12:07 EST 2006
4: - 1157 W 1195 odunga [ br 10 0] C44 Mat Tue Sep 5, 09:56 EST 2006
5: - 1099 W 1156 mrluvaman [ br 10 0] C41 Res Tue Sep 5, 10:15 EST 2006
6: - 1058 B 1163 mrluvaman [ br 10 0] B12 Res Tue Sep 5, 10:34 EST 2006
7: - 1026 B 1160 appyarry [ br 10 0] A40 Res Tue Sep 5, 11:09 EST 2006
8: - 986 W 1023 gerarh [ br 10 0] C41 Res Tue Sep 5, 11:22 EST 2006
9: - 954 W 1025 LLoet [ br 10 0] C00 Res Tue Sep 5, 11:25 EST 2006

guest5063(U) says: smug little git
guest5063(U) says: thats no compliment

edlp tells you: are you a kid??
edlp tells you: or simpy an stupid??

guest5192(U) says: shut your fucking hole!

aics% say Time to leave and log right back in! (told guest5320)
guest5320(U) says: naw I had a won game im satisfied
aics% say won? (told guest5320)
guest5320(U) says: before the slip

guest6659(U) says: [female conine]

guest1162(U) tells you: you play fast but crap
guest1162(U) tells you: o well i was playing quitely but u had to reassure yourself u r good
guest1162(U) tells you: what an idiot indeed
guest1162(U) tells you: never mid idiot

guest584(U) says: cock socking b!tch

guest584(U) says: peeeee in yo mouth

guest6803(U) says: whatever son
guest6803(U) says: ya whack

guest2244(U) says: why are you so ignorant
guest2244(U) says: a real jack ass
guest2244(U) says: isn't it interesting that you have so many people swearing at you
guest2244(U) says: have you seen a psychologist?
guest2244(U) says: you are passive aggressive
guest2244(U) says: this personality disorder stems from rigid upbringing
guest2244(U) says: please print these on yoru web page!

[me](10): might want to adjust that line so that he doesn't always get that weak b6 square (told 25 players in channel 10)
{Game 123 (StarryKn vs. theblob) theblob resigns} 1-0
theblob(10): wtf
theblob(10): might want to fuck off

[me](10): ze trappen (told 17 players in channel 10)
theblob(10): ze fokken off

guest5550(U) says: now I can disconnect, so I can get the taste of asshole out of my system

guest4548(U) tells you: eat my ass
{Game 319 ([me] vs. guest4548) Unregistered player guest4548 disconnected and forfeits}


guest1689(U) tells you: NO MAMUT

This transpired on FICS on July 6, 2006:
GuestGSNZ(U)(4): ups comrade
GuestGSNZ(U)(4): gg thx
2: + 0 B 0 GuestSDVN [ bu 5 0] C62 Dis Thu Jul 6, 08:55 EST 2006
[me](4): He disconnected

jflynn says: stfu
jflynn says: spid nabjep
aics% say spid nabjep? what does that mean? (told jflynn)
jflynn tells you: It means you are a moron who plays just to win on time.

%80 2320 HenryPatis 2121 [me] [me] [ Bu 1 0] C11 Jun 09 06 16:34
##say that's a keeper
HenryPatis says: whatever that means it sounds like a sad person who tries so very hard to win lsoing positions in meaningless 1 min bullet games
##tell henrypatis All bullet is meaningless. Thats the whole point
Not sent -- HenryPatis is censoring you.

guest789(U) says: lol
guest789(U) says: what a prick

Ego says: even a blind pig finds the occasional accorn

AntyDisch(2): in real chess life i cant piss in a bottle, while i am sitting in front of comp

AntyDisch(2): was a joke, come on
[me](2): I love it and it is going in my world famous finger notes where it will be preserved forever.
AntyDisch(2): cool :)
AntyDisch tells you: but i have done ot in real :)

Remedy(*)(1): no takebacks nor moretime in tourns
Remedy(*)(1): SI thingie

guest6771(U) says: i was hoping to win since afterwards you always talk trash

Almirantte says: thx organic trash
Almirantte says: you have answer for all things but you don't play rated games why?
Almirantte says: Do you love your 2121 points?

Recent games of guest3784:
1: - ++++ W 2121 [me] [ Bu 1 0] C00 Mat Jul 15 06 23:54
0: - ++++ B 2121 [me] [ Bu 1 0] B01 Fla Jul 15 06 23:52
guest3784(U) says: Loser
guest3784(U) says: PU S S y
% say no no ... I won. that means by definition I am not a loser (told guest3784)
guest3784(U) says: Y ou are a PUS sy
% say You got complacent and I found counterplay. (told guest3784)
% say not just counterplay ... GOOD counterplay (told guest3784)
guest3784(U) says: Wow you are so good. Give me a break fish
guest3784(U) says: You suck
guest3784(U) says: But are lucky
guest3784(U) says: You took me back with your bad playt
guest3784(U) says: Look backwards\
% say you choked when I played Qg5 (told guest3784)
guest3784(U) says: Fish If you know who I was really you would stop patronizing me
% say Who are you then?(told guest3784)
guest3784(U) says: You will never know
% say Well then it hardly matters does it.
Your previous opponent has left.

cday(10): [me] you will be happy to know you made my finger notes
fi cday
8: [me](24): I gave up lightning because of the stress on my life ... I'm not about to start this shit
[referring to bughouse of course]

Glicko tells you: I think I've completely ruined my chess game from playing 1 0 all the time!

Pavlus tells you: play standard if you're looking for beauty

guest5958(U) tells you: you are clearly frustrated
guest5958(U) tells you: have a bonghit
guest5958(U) tells you: smoke some dope and settle down

shadishelmo(WGM) shouts: who knows russian here ?
[me] shouts: Nyet. (shouted to 412 people)
shadishelmo(WGM) tells you: do you know russian?
tell shadishelmo no (told shadishelmo)
shadishelmo(WGM) tells you: o thanks bye

Sporisah says: im have now g5 mouse
Sporisah says: and is problem
tell sporisah mouse (told Sporisah)
Sporisah says: you stupid

excaliber1 tells you: silence dickweed

aics% say an hour a day of chess is a lot (told Gsuet)
Gsuet tells you: It is moderation though
aics% say sort of like six beers a day is moderation (told Gsuet)
Gsuet tells you: yes
Gsuet tells you: better than 12

Gaettan c-shouts: ouf I've clic everywhere and i'm all lost, how can see the games that others are offering

theblob(10): buzz off
theblob(10): or play