FICS Comments - Collected by woden

chessartist The Humanitarian

chessartist tells you: you know your nothing but a nice connection
chessartist tells you: don't forget the dildo in your ass...
chessartist tells you: in the way i see it i can defeat you any time i want
chessartist tells you: and you're not better than be, you're just overrated
chessartist tells you: i've just told you i can defeat you any time i want
chessartist tells you: you like to think you're better than me because of your rating but the rough truth is you're an overrated piece of shit
chessartist tells you: 12-1 says nothing or says different things, it depends the way you see it
chessartist tells you: only the way yo see it... i'd say the only match that really shown the truth was the las one, in which i've defeated you
chessartist(10): i bet you have too many gay followers
Gorgonian(10): is there something wrong with being gay
chessartist(10): should be killed
chessartist(10): the same as jews
chessartist(10): i can say whatever i think
chessartist(10): this is democracy
chessartist(10): see how how when you talk about gays then words like "epidemic" do not take long to appear

chessartist has since been banned from fics for murder threats against some of our gayer members

How Many Ways Can CDay Call Me Gay For Quitting After A 30 Game Series?

CDay(10): what a fag: You are on woden's noplay list.
CDay(10): this is also equally gay: Obliviax is not open to match requests.
CDay(10): so i typed two keys out of sequence sue me you noplaying fag
CDay(10): i never said that fag
CDay(10): it would take fags like you get emotional over crap like that
CDay(10): woden you are such a fag stop stalking me
CDay(10): 7 out of 10 tells agree ... woden isa fag
CDay(10): you homo
CDay says: fag
CDay says: another winquit session
CDay says: you are a fag
CDay says: you dont say hmm my pussy hurts i quit
CDay says: you say like 10 mor
CDay says: or 5 more loser
CDay says: and you were lucky about 10 of those games
CDay says: i was warming up
CDay says: i made many failures
CDay says: you are a fag
CDay says: always will be
CDay tells you: and you are the airheaded fag
CDay(10): you are nothing but a winquitting fag
CDay(10): you loser fag
CDay(10): 30k games and you play like complete shit
CDay(10): well when you consider i had played 2 lightning games to warm up
CDay(10): and i made about 10 mouse failures
CDay(10): yes i think you were playing like shit
CDay(10): two games
CDay(10): my hands are freezing
CDay(10): i am not moving fast ,etc
CDay(10): you are a win quitting fag
CDay(10): i am warmed up now
CDay(10): lets go
CDay(10): You are on woden's noplay list.
CDay(10): see you are a fag
CDay(10): your pussy is closed tight
CDay(10): woden has no balls

gilbertv Likes to Type

gilbertv(1): See you later losers at FICS
fics% t gilbertv type "worst"
(told gilbertv)
gilbertv tells you: Want to get your ass kicked in real life
gilbertv tells you: Give me your phone number
gilbertv tells you: I will call you right away
gilbertv tells you: Where do you live I travel all over the world pussy
gilbertv tells you: and would like to smash your skull with the hell of my shoe
gilbertv tells you: I am not kidding
gilbertv tells you: Chess greats that taunt beginners are worthy of death you fuck
gilbertv tells you:if you saw me you would be scared
gilbertv tells you: NEver called anyone at FICS loser any uptight fuckhead
gilbertv tells you: Told PGV he was being too uptight and compared FCC to FICS
gilbertv tells you: I can assure you I would fuck you world up in a hurry if you saw me coming at you puss
gilbertv tells you: Just give me your phone number tough guy
gilbertv tells you: I will set up a place and time
gilbertv tells you: what is the area code moron?
gilbertv tells you: right coward
gilbertv tells you: so you work for
gilbertv tells you: in Orlando Florida?
gilbertv tells you: That must be boring as hell
gilbertv tells you: I go to Miami
gilbertv tells you: I am as violent as a flea
gilbertv tells you: I detest violence I was just kidding with you honey
gilbertv tells you: What kind of Laser Surgery?
gilbertv tells you: Hair Removal?
gilbertv tells you: I wouldnt hurt anyone crybaby
gilbertv tells you: hard to do from this wheelchair
gilbertv tells you: I need a quote to remove backhair and shoulder. How much?
gilbertv tells you: see you love
gilbertv tells you: And remember I was only kidding about fighting you I am a wheelchair bound 56 year old man
gilbertv tells you: I got it, I got it, I got your number off the wall 867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309,
gilbertv tells you: that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time lol
gilbertv tells you: you got m
gilbertv tells you: Too much wine for me to catch at first

please note i only told him to type worst and that my number was 867-5309


checkten: if you enjoy these obliviax has also some notes of him in his fin
checkten tells you: hi u lose
checkten tells you: gg
checkten tells you: gg FInally u won one
checkten tells you: ass
checkten tells you: hple
checkten tells you: 5 more idio9t u will lose
checkten tells you: Sc
checkten tells you: yeah ur winning idiot
checkten tells you: u can only win on time
checkten tells you: u idiot
checkten tells you: raped and lost
checkten tells you: gg idiot
checkten tells you: mat e 3 move 14 ur lost
checkten tells you: gg
checkten tells you: ????
checkten tells you: wha
checkten tells you: what
checkten tells you: 11 more games ??
checkten tells you: look at positions though
15 seconds were added to your opponents clock
15 seconds were added to your opponents clock
fics% b1=n
fics% g1=n
fics% h1=n
checkten tells you: Finally u won on POsition Congrats !


yeshere: we played 2 games and i got 2 pages of tells, i did not even say anything
yeshere tells you: thats what happend when you play against a stupid 2000 rated player that premove with lags.
yeshere tells you: you play bad, you play stupid, youa re angry because you knew i could easly win if i didnt have lags, every move you did, i think to moves before you ,. you are just stupid, accept should thank god for inventing lags
yeshere tells you: you premove, i lagged, for your sake, i lagged, because if i didnt lag, i would won easly, you are a stupid player with luck .
yeshere tells you: your moves are stupid, i think 2 moves before you,everything you did was so obvious, you are a pathetic joke, hard to believe you are a 2000 rated player, probably because of your premove ability.your luck i had lags
yeshere tells you: i think you should now say "thanks god" for inventing lags :) because if not the lags, you would surely lose, you SUCK big time. a very bad player .
yeshere tells you: you are one of those players that have no skills, they are stupid as a rock, but they use their fast connection and premove to win games, pathetic, you are.
yeshere tells you: i think you need and alike you need to open a new chess server for stupid players that play to check who has a faster connection :)
yeshere tells you: i beaten you, i crushed you, thats why you are so angry, you realize i se4e every move you want to make before you, much before you, isnt that why you are so angry ? because you feel stupid and know that if not the premove of yours and my lags you would surley lose ? :)
yeshere tells you: i didnt premove , you premove, i lagged, thats the onlything that saved you, my lags.
yeshere tells you: stupid pathetic player
yeshere tells you: now i understand how much is important to have a fast connection, you could be a total idiot and gain 2000 rating.speed is the key word, connection speed :)
yeshere tells you: its hard to accept the fact i play better than you and the only thing that made your win is laggs ha ? so you try to find stupid excuses for your pathetic ego ?
yeshere tells you: instead of trying to find excuses for your stupidity, play some more games, maybe than youll be a 2020 rated player :) after 2000000000 still stuck in the place, dont know to play, but know to use a fast connection, its sad, i feel sorry for you.
yeshere tells you: maybe you just need to find a new hobby..because....chess, is just not your game, you have no deep thinking, everything you do is so obvious, check the game.:)
yeshere tells you: bye, oh and dont forget to thank god for inventing lags before you go to sleep:)

yeshere has since not returned to fics since 9/04 presumably because of whatever made him resign on move 1 in all the games of his hist

dockson Rulez

dockson(1): - This is dockson. I have now a Blitz rating of 494. When will cick me out of the "club" ?
dockson(50): Perhaps I am slow here. Spell it out for me what is SUCK short for - please ---
dockson shouts: Frankee - no game left, doc is a fool. - I resign. Thanks - doc
dockson(50): shout SuperWeh. - what is a thetan - is this some kind of 'tan' you get from drinking too mush tea (the = tea, in Danish)
dockson(6): come on !! I removed that virus the other day, and nor I have (had) it again. - I know that this is dockson talking to you (not respected) - I have a problem with this virus !!!! Will you help or not ??
dockson shouts: Mad Good morrow to youself - Have just lost a stupid game. However things a 'cool' at IGGY's house. Regards doc
dockson shouts: Pulmannen - so you are a computer ! Send out a shout tellin the other members that - !Pulmannen is a computer!
dockson shouts: NilsLundgren - The game disapered - no chessboard !! I contacted 'Shout' - what to do. You gave me extra time, fine ! However I had no connection with my chessboard.
dockson shouts: - please !! where is my game. It has gone from my terminal -- why?
dockson shouts: -- STOP now my friends. I was playing NilsLundgren. I had nothing left and Niels would win. I reduced the screen and sent a 'tell' to Niels... When trying to get back to the game - my chessboard (the game) was gone.
dockson shouts: - Grovel Can you get support or any kind of help to respond ? Just give me the name of a member that can/will help - regards from Denmark


vonson(10): i'm back, like herpes
vonson(10): just when you thought you got rid of me
vonson(1764)[42] kibitzes: i jerked off in the 2 seconds it took me to make this move
vonson(1764)[42] kibitzes: and came on my own face
vonson(1759)[44] kibitzes: yahtzee
vonson(1759)[44] kibitzes: i am the salt of the earth
vonson tells you: i luv me so much
vonson tells you: beyond words
vonson(1801)[29] kibitzes: kib RAPED
vonson(10): IT TURNS ME ON
vonson(10): i want to clone myself so that i can have sex with my clone
vonson(10): infront of a mirror
vonson(10): in fact, i could have an orgy
vonson(1747)[90] kibitzes: i so phucking rule
vonson(1756)[79] kibitzes: skillz
vonson(1756)[79] kibitzes: who here luvs voinson?
vonson(1737)[20] kibitzes: V O NOSNOS
vonson(1737)[20] kibitzes: RAPED
vonson(1737)[20] kibitzes: NEWYHORKWHORE STYOLE
vonson(10): vonson rulez
vonson(10): vonson is the backbone of fics
vonson(10): vonson is the light at the end of the tunnel
vonson(10): i am the taste in water.
vonson(10): sound of one hand clapping
vonson(10): the taste of virgin cum
vonson(10): the moaning of anal pleasrues
vonson(10): i am all that and more
vonson(10): i am now.
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: let me explain why that was a bad move
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: 1) it sucks
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: 2) aesthetically displeasing
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: 3) lacks foresight
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: 4) against the 1 commandment in the bible
vonson(1838)[52] kibitzes: 5) MATE
{Game 52 (vonson vs.ireallysck) ireallysck checkmated} 1-0
vonson(10): oh GOD
vonson(10): DEAR LORD HELP ME
vonson(10): praise JESUS
vonson(10): and VONSON
{Game 19 (vonson vs. GSCH) GSCH checkmated} 1-0
vonson(10): i make this game look ez
vonson, whom you are following, has started a game with GSCH.
You are now observing game 19.
vonson(1746)[19] kibitzes: VOSON
vonson(1746)[19] kibitzes: V O N OS N
vonson(1746)[19] kibitzes: i am the smell of your fart
vonson(1746)[19] kibitzes: CHECK PLEASEU
vonson(10): vonson bends over another victim
vonson(10): i learned how to play chess in prison
vonson(10): if you knowwhat i mean
vonson(10): yoda gets me hot
vonson(10): i would do yoda, ifi were drunk
vonson, whom you are following, has started a game with GSCH.
vonson(10): who wants to be my whore?
vonson(10): kib THANKS
[Tx]> GSCH: 0, best=460ms. vonson: 4, best=104ms
{Game 28 (GSCH vs. vonson) vonson checkmated} 1-0
vonson(1838)[33] kibitzes: EZ like sunday morning
vonson(1838)[33] kibitzes: OH GOD!
vonson(1838)[33] kibitzes: HOW RAPING A MOVE IS THATS
{Game 33 (Jindahouse vs. vonson) vonson forfeits on time} 1-0
vonson(1840)[46] kibitzes: NO WOMAN NO CRY BIATCH
vonson(1840)[46] kibitzes: B-TOWN STYLES
vonson(1801)[80] kibitzes: thanks
vonson(1801)[80] kibitzes: slut
vonson(1801)[80] kibitzes: fucking whore
vonson(1801)[80] kibitzes: c u n t r u n t
vonson(10): OH DEAR GOD
vonson(10): f u c ki n g r u l e z
vonson(1820)[65] kibitzes: he is sitll my slut
vonson(1820)[65] kibitzes: fuck
{Game 65 (vonson vs. Lothario) vonson resigns} 0-1
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i rule
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i ckick ass
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i came
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i saw
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i kicked some ass
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: and then i winquit
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: W I N
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: Q U I T
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: OH GOD
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: i can feel his pain
CapitaineFlamme(10): haha
vonson(1921)[6] kibitzes: like a dagger in the heart


FireDragg tells you: you have to be one of the stupidest people ive ever met on the internet

Jtorres(FM) tells you: you are a stupid man
Jtorres(FM) tells you: stupid and gay

Nogger says: lucky gay...

Knueller tells you: who cares Mongo

winifab tells you: stupid animal

gaj tells you: get a like
gaj tells you: life

ZEFER tells you: your the biggest homo ive ever seen

Stoboy tells you: you're the premover, look at your clock

StupidPlayer says: be ready for major rating fall

IgorDemo says: say ur not god
IgorDemo says: u can siuck my diuck

Agri says: you play like a monkey

boardquake tells you: last time you met me you weren't this polite

Russianbear(10): is this some kind of joke
Russianbear(10): is this obliviax playing on woden account

talpa(10): bughouse is possibly the most cowardly invention in the history of games
talpa(10): it defies everything chess stands for

Chrissi[17] says: Bh3?? what is that??

automaton tells you: too many idiots with names like 'woden' hang out here unfortunately...

BULLA says: u play nothing man, what a bored..

Hexabit tells you: fy
You are on Hexabit's noplay list.
fics% . thanks
Player "Hexabit" is censoring you.
Hexabit tells you: [woden] added to your censor list. HAVE A NICE DAY ASSHOLE

zealot tells you: youre not interested in chess, are you
zealot tells you: i would like you to shut up and die
zealot tells you: please
zealot tells you: and by the way, woden was a video game released way before you were born

LPrince says: you are a horse

GrandmaStervic at Fri Dec 17, 01:42 EDT 2004: how did you like getting eeked last night asshole

woden(109): delighful
Nerwal(1966)[30] whispers: wat the hell is that shit
{Game 30 (Nerwal vs. woden) woden checkmated} 1-0
Nerwal(1973)[74] whispers: he is now worse than blob at hs

junesixth tells you: your play reminds me of theblob somehow
junesixth tells you: though i'm not sure

20. pdeck at Mon Feb 7, 13:44 EDT 2005: CLEAR HIST

34. TheDruid at Fri Feb 4, 00:42 EDT 2005: you think your sucker move denotes inferiority? you are mistaken, you overconfident bastard.

ParkPlace tells you: go cram a staunton king up your butt
ParkPlace tells you: butt wipe

beatleq says: common robot

jacwrewit tells you: LAST PLEASE
jacwrewit tells you: GG
jacwrewit tells you: LAST ONE
jacwrewit tells you: CAN WE PLAY MORE PLEASE? A LAST ONE?
jacwrewit tells you: HI
jacwrewit tells you: ONE MORE PLEASE
jacwrewit tells you: HLLO?
jacwrewit tells you: ??
jacwrewit tells you: ARE YOU THRE?
jacwrewit tells you: CAN YOU ANSWER?
jacwrewit tells you: fuck u
jacwrewit tells you: mofo

Coffeehouse(2519)[31] kibitzes: leave a5-a4 to me
Coffeehouse says: its my secret weapon

marcialis tells you: you re too big patzer to get over 2200

Onionns(10): In Everquest, there were frequently dudes who were pretending to be chicks. The way you could tell they weren't was that the pretend women acted rational for the most part.

sambelli(U)(4): whats going on
sambelli(U)(4): chessbox, why do my pieces keep disappearing?
sambelli(U)(4): can you read this, who am i talking to?
sambelli(U)(4): thanks for the help jack@$$
sambelli(U)(4): why does my king keep exploding?

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